My Roomate Zayn Malik

This story is not mine. I just saved it for my favorite author _tellatubie123 in wattpad, she is hacked and her reads is 1,300,000+ I just want to share this guys with you, hope you'll like it


7. Chapter 7!

Liams POV

" I think i like Aiman" Zayn said. I felt I choke coming up my throat. I coughed.

The boys looked at me. Harry raised his eyebrows as if too ask what's wrong? I

just shook my head looking at him. Signaling that he could continue talking.

" yea well she's really cute and sweet not a bad girl for you. Except Zayn don't

you always date the " bad chicks" Harry said crawling into my bed. " or atleast

that's what you told me"

" yea Aiman seems more like a Niall or Liam type of girl" Louis said grabbing

chips from Niall and stuffing his mouth. Hey Louis just said Aiman was my type!

Yay! I kept a straight face though. Zayn just said he liked Aiman it's probly not

the best time to tell them how Ireally lie her. It would be so awkward yea I can't

just be like OMG Zayn guess what I like Aiman too!!!

There was a knock at the door.

" who is it?!" Called Niall

" umm is there a a um a member of one direction in here?" What the hell. That's

so weird. I went to the door and opened it a notch. It was Aiman. My heart

fluttered. I've never felt like this before.

" oh hi Aiman" i said smiling. I opened the door fully so she could step in. All the

boys were looking at Zayn and had goofy smiles on their faces. Harry even

wiggled his eyebrows at Zayn who blushed and smiled at the same time.

Aiman took no notice of any of it. She stood awkwardly by th door not knowing

what to do now.

" so Aiman what brings you too my lovely room?" Niall asked jumping of his

bed and wiping the crumbs off his pants.

" wait I thought this was Liam's room?" Aiman said her eyebrows furrowing

together in confusion.

" yea me and Niall share" I said moving to the boys who were all standing

infront of Aiman now. Except Zayn, I guess the bad boi gets shy around his crush.

" oh" she said. " well i wanted to know when we were gonna go bowling"

" ohh we canceled that" Louis said. What? No we didn't. I looked at him. He

had a spark in his eyes. He was up to something.

" what when did we cancel?" Zayn asked. he stood up from my desk and came

over too us.

" um this morning. We canceled because well umm. Oh yea we were gonna

bake cookies!" Harry said clearly caching on too Louis plan. Whatever that


" ohh yea! Harry said he was gonna teach us how to bake" said Niall playing

along. I still didn't get it though.

" ok I guess I will leave then" Aiman said turning and reaching for the doorknob.

" wait Aiman! Zayn doesn't like cooking so he is not gonna be with us. You two

should hang out". Louis said. ahh I see now. He is helping Zayn out by giving

him alone time with Aiman. Even though I know it's not nice, I was mad jealous. I

didn't want Zayn too get Aiman i wanted her.

" that's ok. I don't think Zayn would want too hang out with me. I'm going too go

to the mall. Get some stuff for my friends." Aiman said with a half smile. It was

easy too tell that she wanted more then anything too hang out with Zayn. And

that hurt me.

" no wait!" Zayn said going for the door. But Aiman had already turned and left.

" ouch" I said. I don't know if I said it because I felt bad for Zayn or because I

was upset that she didn't look at me once the whole time she ws here.

Aimans POV

I changed into some warmer clothes too suit the cold January breeze. The

black and white leggings and white baggy sweater was perfect for window

shopping. I stepped out into the hallway and heard the door click shut behind


Out on the street i hailed a cab.

" too the mall please" I said and we drive off. When I arrived at the mall i payed

him $ 20 and strolled in. I couldn't afford too spend too much of my money so I

decided too look around first. The mall still had its Christmas decorations up

and looked beautiful. It was 7:00 pm and I still hadn't eaten much so I headed

down too the food court. I saw couples acting lovey dovey everywhere. The was

a boy who looked around my age, letting his girlfriend eat his ice cream. I wish I

was in a relationship like that. It was just adorable, they looked like bestfriends

but after they kissed it was clear that it was more then just friendship " hi can I have a coffee please?" I asked the middle aged woman behind the

counter at Starbucks.

" yes you certainly can. What kind would you like?"

" hmm I will have the French vanilla small" i said.

" right away" the woman said. Iread her name tag. Her name is Casie.

" excuse me can I get what she ordered." I heard a boys voice behind me. I

didn't recognize it. I was suddenly aware of someone behind me.

" yup" sad Casie smiling and she ran off inside too get our orders ready.

" thank you" said the same voice. I turned around and died.

JK!!! I turned around and saw the most precious boy ever. He had shaggy

blond hair with natural brown highlights here and there. His blue eyes had

specs of light brown, almost gold color. And there looking right into mine.

" hey" he said. That's when I actually died.


Ohh crap Aiman died!!! Maybe she did maybe she didn't. :)

Comment what you thought of chapter 7, Fan and Favourite pls :)

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