My Roomate Zayn Malik

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6. Chapter 6!

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Chapter 6

I went down too the cafiteria for breakfast. It's basically used for breakfast lunch

and dinner cause we live in the school. I entered and saw basically nobody in

here. Where is everybody? I looked at the time. It was 8:00 am. Ohh yea it was

saterday ad everyone was probly still asleep. I sat down at a random table and

began to eat my breakfast. Alone. Again. Wow I need friends.

I got out my iPhone and texted my friend Milly back home.

-hey Milly

- hey Aiman. :) sorry but I can't talk now I'm shopping with Chloe. Sorry :( I miss

you. Xx

- umm ok bye.... I guess

Wow Milly never has time to talk too me anymore. She always says she misses

me but I don't think she does. She posted pictures on Facebook of her with her

friends and she looked plenty happy too me. All she talks about now is what's

going on with her. Never has she once asked how I was. Ohh just stop being

jealous. She's your bestfriend be happy that she's happy. I miss home so bad.

A tear streamed down my face.

" Aiman why are you crying?" A husky voice asked filled with worry. I turned and

saw Zayn set his tray down beside me.

" oh nothing I. I just miss home" I said wiping the tear away.

" aww do you need a hug?" Zayn asked in a baby voice

" hahah no I'm good and you sounded ridiculous" I said laughing. I shoved

some food down my throat.

" that was the point. I wanted to make you smile" Zayn said looking at me. He

drank some of his orange juice.

" how did you get up so early? I thought you sleep in late" i asked him. I usually

sleep in late too but for some reason I was excited for something and my brain woke ip. 

" ohh well I was sort of being paranoid that the boys will come into the room and

use me as their canvas for there beautiful handiwork" he said smirking

" Zayn I drew the stars on your nipples" i said looking at my food.

" really!! Wow I didn't expect that from you." He said looking suprised

" I know Louis asked me too and I was tired cause I woke up in the middle of

the night and they asked me to do it and I said I didn't want to but the I did..." I

tried too explain too him how I wasn't a mean person.

" haha it's ok I don't mind. It only took a couple of hours to scrub off" he said

shrugging" then we both burst out laughing. I liked his laugh.

" okay so Liam told me that your coming bowling with us?" He asked

" umm yea he asked me and I said yes cause I had nothing better to do today" I

said shy again

" it's okay. I'm glad your coming. Are you good at bowling?"

" nope. I have never played before actually" I said

" what! I guess I will just have to give you lessons then. Come on me and you

are going early too the bowling ally" he said. Then he stood up and pulled me

up too. Practically dragging me out the cafeteria.

" slow down Zayn!" I said tumbling behind him while he pulled my arm.

" oh sorry " he said letting go of my hand and blushing. Aww I didn't want him to

let go of me only to slow down so I could actually walk.

We got to our room and he grabbed a hat and some sunglasses to hide his

face a little. We got out of the school and got a ride to the bowling ally.

Zayns Point of View

A the bowling ally I got me ad Aiman some bowling shoes.

"what are these for i have my own shoes" she said to me holding up th worn out


"umm well i dont really know why. i guess we just have too put them on" i

answered shrugging.

She bent over and put her shoes on. i couldnt help checking her out. she had

black skinny jeans on with brown uggs. and she had a blue top on. She was

really pretty.

she grabbed a ball and threw it with all her might . it went in the gutter.

"haha wow you really havent played this have you?" i asked laughing

She gave me a sad shrug " no i usually study and stuff " she said. I opened my

mouth what the hell is wrong with this chick!

" wow. Well obviously you need the whole teenage experience. 18 years old 

and you can't even bowl" I said moving my head from side to side.

" hey if it wasn't for my good grades I wouldn't even be here at this amazing

school and have a roommate who's in One Direction" she said looking


" hey I was just kidding, I'm glad I met you" i said staring deeply into her brown

eyes. She blushed and looked away " so how do we through this rock properly" she said changing subjects quickly.

" here let me show you" I said grabbing a ball and throwing it across the lane. I

exaggerated the motions so she could see what I was doing. I heard her

laughing. I looked over and she was laughing at ME!

" what's so funny?" I asked her

" how you threw the ball. You did it basically in slow motion and it looked

ridiculous" she said to me trying to hide her smile.

" hey! I did it for you! So you could see how to throw it" I told her. I felt so


" ok ok whatever" she said grabbing a another ball. She threw it down the lane

but it went in the gutter again.

" your throwing it wrong" I told her. I went up behind her. Gave her a ball and

held it with her. I pulled the ball back her arm coming with it. Then I pulled it back

forward telling her to let go. She did and we watched the ball go down and hit

the pins. There were still two left standing.

"Yaaay!" She yelled turning around to face me. I noticed how close we were.

Her head was just beneath my chin. She was kind of short but she seemed the

perfect size for me. My stomach was touching hers and I could feel the warmth

coming through her shirt. It was so comfortable. She noticed how close we

were to cause she quickly stepped away. I love her shyness it's so cute.

After a little while Aiman was even better then me at bowling. When the boys

come to play here I'm defittnetly having her on my team. Then we will own Harry.

That little curly haired fellow always wins. We went back to the school and it was

12:00. Lunch time! Aiman went into the room and I said I was going to Liam's


I entered Liam's and Nialls room since they were roommates. You could clearly

tell which side was Nialls and which was Liam's. there was one side that was

so dirty and one side that was perfectly organized. Harry and Louis were here


" hey mate, where have you been?" Asked Liam

" ohh I went to teach Aiman how to bowl" I told Liam. Something flashed in his

eyes but it was gone before I could register what it was.

" she doesn't know how to bowl?" Asked Harry

" she didn't know how to bowl. I think that she's better then me now. I taught her

too well" I said smiling.

" Bahaha Zayn stop being so full of your self!" Cried Niall from the corner of the

room. He was eating again.

" hey guys I have to tell you something" I said too them. Shrugging off Nialls

comment. I am NOT full of myself!

" yea mate tell us" said Louis.

" well I think i fancy Aiman" I said looking at the ground 


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