My Roomate Zayn Malik

This story is not mine. I just saved it for my favorite author _tellatubie123 in wattpad, she is hacked and her reads is 1,300,000+ I just want to share this guys with you, hope you'll like it


5. Chapter 5!

I was awakened at night by a nightmare. Lindsy turned into a pink wolf and ate

me. That's some scary shit man.

I looked at the time 1:00 am. Yes I just remembered that today was Friday! Only

have to last through this and them i can finally sleep in.

There was some quite snoring coming from Zayn. He looked so precious. The

moonlight coming through the window landed on his perfect face. The I noticed

that there were four dark figures at the end of the bed. And it moved!

"Ahhhhhh" I screamed. Then I felt something tackle me and a hand over my


"Stay quite Aiman!" It was Louis voice. He was on top of me looking around at

Zayn too see if he had awakened.

" what are you guys doing here?" I asked pulling him off of me and standing up.

I looked at the other boys. Liam was taking the covers of of Zayn and and Niall

was eating a bag of brownies. A midnight snack I suppose.

" just shhh" Harry said putting one finger on my lips and winking at me. Zayn

was only in his boxers and his fine body was making me weak. I say down on

my bed watching the boys.

Louis took a permanent market and drew a moustache on Zayns face. Harry

took it and wrote I'm sexy on his forehead. Then it was Nialls turn, he grabbed

the sharpie and write I WAS HERE. He handed it Liam who wrote brush and

floss :) above his belly button. Louis grabbed the market and jabbed it towards


" now it's your turn" he said grinning.

" No I don't want any part in this" I said crossing my arms.

" aww c'mon Aiman. Even I did it. Don't worry he won't get mad" Liam said. For

some reason I wanted to trust Liam. Maybe because he was the most sensitive

of the group, but I think it also had something to do with how my stomach flutters

every time he looks at me.

I took the sharpie from Louis hand and walked over to a slumbering Zayn. Aww

he looks so cute how can I do this to him. I looked at Liam who gave me the

thumbs up.

" what shoud I draw?" I whispered too the boys.

" a penis" Niall suggested

" eww no way" I said making a face

" draw me" Harry suggested

" your to hard to draw" I said back

" just draw stars on his nipples" Louis suggested looking at the time. So that's

what I drew. When I was finished we all looked at Zayn. He looked ridiculas

now. Haha I hope he doesn't get mad. Louis, Niall, and Harry left the room

saying goodnight too me.

Liam was still lingering at the door as if he wanted to say something. I didn't

want him to leave so I asked him

" are you sure he is not going to get mad?"

Liam looked at me " yes I'm sure. He is really relaxed most of the time. The only

one who gets mad when we pull a prank in him is Louis "

" really! The joker of the group gets mad when he is the victim?" I asked. I had a

plan forming in my head. I wanna see exactly how mad he gets.

" umm Aiman we don't have foods today and you usually eat alone in here so I

just wanna ask you now. Me and the boys are going bowling on the saterday

and I wondered If you wanted to come? He asked me his cheeks turning pink.

Why was he so shy?

" yea sure but will the other boys get mad if i come?" I asked unsure.

" ohh of course not. Louis is bringing El along so you won't be the only chick

there" he said reassuring me. I noticed how close we had become he was

standing right in front of me our hands almost touching.

" ok I guess I will come. I have nothing better too do" I said

" then it's a date!" Liam said. My eyes widened what did I just here?!

" I mean that's . That's gre-great." Liam studdered " well bye Aiman, see you

later" he said rushing out the door. I didn't bother saying bye. He was long gone

down the hallway.

I had another dream that night. It was Zayn and Liam coming to my rescue for I

was stuck in a tower. But they both reached at the same time and I couldn't

decide who to go down with. And then I fell of the tower into lava.

In the morning I was awakened my a manly scream.

" WHAT THE HELL!!!!?" Screamed Zayn from the bathroom. 

Ahah Sorry Cliff hanger :3 Wait for the next 5 days and I'll update. I updated 5 Chapters today and I started today  :3 Share this to your friends please and fan me :D I LOVE YOU GUYS 

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