My Roomate Zayn Malik

This story is not mine. I just saved it for my favorite author _tellatubie123 in wattpad, she is hacked and her reads is 1,300,000+ I just want to share this guys with you, hope you'll like it


4. Chapter 4

I was awakened by the sounds of the shower running. I rolled over to my side

and looked at the clock on my nightstand. 6:00 am. There was nobody on the

bed across from me so I assumed Zayn was in the shower. That's weird I

thought he slept in late?.

I waited on my bed for him too get out but he was taking forever! Eventually a

fell into a half asleep state. The bathroom door opened and my eyes opened,

wide awake. They grew larger at the sight I witnessed. Zayn had a towel slung

low on his hips, his amazing abs and v-line showing.

He looked at me and screamed like a little girl. I screamed louder then him.

After we calmed down he said " I didn't know you were awake".

All of a sudden I wanted to kiss him. He looked so adorable his bare chest and

hair still wet and a look of embarrassment on his face. But I knew I can't kiss

him. Plus he wouldn't kiss me back.

" uh I just woke up and was waiting for you to get out of the bathroom" I said too


" oh sorry I took long. I woke up extra early so I wouldn't make you wait. But I

guess I did anyway" he did while looking at the ground.

Aww he thought about me. Stop Aiman! You can't have a crush on you

roommate especially if he's Zayn Malik. And didn't I always have a soft spot for

Harry when I looked at their pictures and stuff?

" haha it's okay. From now on you can sleep in till 7 and I will take the shower

first" I said to him.

He walked over to his closet and looked for some clothes to put on. His back

was so sexy. Oh my god I could just.

" alright we will do that' he said but i didn't hear. i ran into the bathroom and

slammed the door shut. i needed to get my eyes off of him before i raped the

poor guy. My fangirl self was going crazy. i had too contain myself. No romance

with Zayn is allowed. plus like i said before, what makes me think he would find

me one bit attractive?.

After my shower i got some nice clothes on and put a tiny bit of make up on.

Today was the first day of actual classes and i was nervous. Zayn had left the

room awhile ago so i could get ready. i think he went to Nialls room for a chat or


my first and second period went by easy enough i wasn't noticed at all except

for when i had to introduce myself to the class. Third period was option. I looked

at my schedule it said i had Foods. Yes! I really liked foods cooking was one of

the few things i was good at. I made my way to the foods room and picked a

chair at the back of the room. People started pilling in the class then i saw a

familiar blone hair. perfectly straight with a small pink bow to the side. it was

The Queen Bee. Trotting along behind her were the twins. The Queen Bee's

pink high heels clicked to a stop at my feet. I looked up to see her perfect face

which was ruined when she sneered at me.

" Umm new girl, your in MYspot" she said

"Oh sorry I guess I will just move" I said getting up. " by the way my name is

Aiman, so stop calling me new girl"

" And who exactly do you think YOU are? I will call whatever I want. And just

cause you smart enough too get excepted at Alindale. Don't think your any

better then us cause your not. I can make everyone hate you with a just a few

lies" she said. The twins behind her snickering.

I looked around the class. Everyone heard our conversation. They were all

laughing at me. My cheeks flared red. I felt so vulnerable, so much for not

getting noticed.

" oh well I guess I won't even need to lie. Looks like your life here is already

ruined" the queen biotch sneered with a smug smile.

" Linsey you don't have to be so mean to Aiman. Give her a break she just got

here". I turned around and saw the voice came from Liam.

"I-I. She deserved it". Was Linsey's comeback to Liam. Haha popular or not

she was no match for a celebrity. It looked like this was the first time she ever

talked to him.

" nobody deserves being bullied" Liam said. Then he turned towards me. "

Aiman do you want to sit by me?" He asked. Did Liam Payne just ask me to sit

by him? How does he even know my name.

" I guess since I have nowhere to so now" Ireplied.

" ouch. So you wouldn't just sit by if there was another open chair?" He asked.

Of corse I would.

" well no, I don't really know you. Why would i just sit next too you?" I asked him

while we got seated at a table close too the front of the class.

" I don't know" he answered. But I'm sure he knew the answer. He thinks I would

sit by him just because he is famous. The thing is I would be too shy too even

talk to him 

" also how do you even know my name?" I asked while the teacher walked into

the class.

" because your Zayns roommate and I also saw Louis in your bra. It's gonna be

hard to forget your name knowing how all your undergarments look like" he

answered. I could feel my cheeks turning pink so I turned my head. The teacher

made us get into out kitchen groups but since I didn't have one Liam

volunteered to put me in his group. These were our permanent groups for the

rest of the year. I sent a silent thank you to Liam for being so kind. We made

pizza that day and I learned that Liam wasn't that bad of a cook. After class

Liam said goodbye to me and many other people, and left for lunch.

When I got my lunch I headed straight for my room again. I knew Zayn asked

me to eat lunch with him but I doubt he ment it. I was just another girl.

After lunch Zayn came too the room to grab his books for next period. He saw

me eating on my bed and asked

" hey why weren't you in the cafiteria. Didn't I ask you too came eat with me?"

" yes you did but I didn't think you ment it so I came here" Ireplied suprised that

he noticed my absence.

" yeah well for some reason I felt stood up. And the boys were looking forward

to seeing you especially Liam" he said with a wink.

Well this is news. Zayn felt stood up does that mean he wanted me to eat with

him. I know I really wanted too eat with him. But turn what was it he said at the

end. That Liam really wanted too see me. Does Liam like me maybe? He did. 


Ok I updated lovies! I just shared this story so its not mine. Its my favorite author's but she is already hacked. Sooooooooo
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