My Roomate Zayn Malik

This story is not mine. I just saved it for my favorite author _tellatubie123 in wattpad, she is hacked and her reads is 1,300,000+ I just want to share this guys with you, hope you'll like it


3. Chapter 3!

The bell rang. It was finally lunch time. I barely had any breakfast this morning

and my stomach was growling like a starving dog. I walked down the hallway to

the cafiteria. I stumbled on my own two feet and slammed against the floor.

"Aww did the new girl trip on her own feet? How clumsy of her." I looked up and

saw the voice had come from a pretty blonde girl wearing a super mini skirt. I

didn't like her one bit. I'm no stupid and I completely heard all the sarcasm in

her voice.

" Yes I guess I did" I said getting up. I was about too walk past her into the

cafiteria when her friends stopped me from entering. They were both wearing

the exact same jeans with a different colored shirt. I noticed that these two were

both brunette twins.

" hold on a minute new girl. I don't like your attitude and if you don't fix it. I will

personally make sure you get no friends here. Understand?" The blond one

said with mock concern on her face.

" yeah I guess" I said back. They pushed past me and went into the lunch room.

They were instantly greeted by lots of followers. If I didn't believe that they ruled

the school then, well I do now. I walked in and looked around. Everyone had a

spot to sit at except for me. Wow the perks of being a new girl. I got my food,

which looked absolutely dilicious, and heading back to my room. But at the

door of the cafiteria I turned around and looked at the people. The three

barbies ( that's what I decided to call them) were sitting at a table with some hot

hot guys. The queen Barbie was looking at someone. I followed her gaze too

Zayn. He was siting at a table with the other four boys. They looked like they

were having fun well except Liam because Niall was stealing his pizza. I wanted

to walk over there and sit by Zayn. Not because my fangirl motives were telling

me to. But because he was the only person who I interacted with. Even though it

was only because he needed the bathroom and we were forced into the same

room. Not that I was complaining.

I decided against going to his table and walked too my room. But i could've

sworn I saw Zayns eyes move toward me as I was leaving. I got in my room and

sat on my bed to eat. There was a tv on th wall and I clicked it on after finding

the romote.

Knock knock. There was someone knocking on the door. I didn't know what to

do. Nobody knows me here. Who would wanna come to my room?

I got up and opened the door. It was Zayn.

" I thought you had a key for our room?" I asked him as he walked in.

" umm yea I forgot it here." he said while looking through his closet for

something. " hey why did you leave the lunchroom?" He asked all of a sudden.

Why would he have any interest in me?

" well I don't know anybody here. So I just came here to eat." I said looking at

his back. My eyes slid down to his bum. Wow that's a cute bum. Then my eyes

jerked back up when he turned around. My cheeks were pink, I almost got

caught checking him out!

" you know you could have come sat by me and th boys" he said

" do girls just come and sit at your table?" I asked

" no the look at us from a far. This may be a super private school but that

doesn't keep fans from getting in. So Paul is lurking in the hallways in case we

need help." He said

" so why am I allowed to sit by you and the boys?" I asked him. " I mean I am

only just another fan."

" ohh so your a fan?" He asked me

" yes I - I guess" I studdered. You liar. You love them! I yelled at my self inside

my head.

Zayn laughed. A laugh that I had heard so many time through my headphones at

home, while I watched there old video diaries. " it's ok I know your a fan. Louis

found a couple of posters of us in your drawer when we we looking through your

stuff" he said still smiling.

My cheeks turned red. Well that's embarrassing.

" and the reason your allowed to sit at my table from now on is because I asked

you too." He said. " and plus you don't look like a hardcore fangirl" he said.

You have no idea.

The first thing I did when he left was go in wattpad and type a message up to

my fans it read:

Sorry guys I can't update anymore. Sorry for the uncompleted book. Bye and I

love you!

There is no way I am going to write a one direction fanfic while Zayn is sleeping

in the same room as me. He would think I'm like a loser and no different then all

those girls who love One Direction. But I wanted too be different and that's what

I'm going to be.

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