My Roomate Zayn Malik

This story is not mine. I just saved it for my favorite author _tellatubie123 in wattpad, she is hacked and her reads is 1,300,000+ I just want to share this guys with you, hope you'll like it


2. Chapter 2!

Chapter 2

I was running around the halls, zooming past doors looking for class 115. Ahh!

I'm going too be late to first period on the first day of school!

After my little encounter with THE Zayn Malik, he left me alone in the room while

he went somewhere.

I decided not to put up my One Direction posters up because I bet he would feel

creeped out.

Finally! Room 115. I knocked on the door holding my breath everyone's gets

are going too be on me and I bet there gonna laugh at how awkward I am.

The teacher opened the door and looked at me.

" umm hello how can I help you dear?" She asked me with an obviously fake


" yes I'm sorry I'm late for class, I couldn't find the room. I'm Aiman Jansen." I

replied with real kindness unlike that fake *****.

" ohh Aiman didn't you hear the announcement at the assembly? First day back

from break is really layed back. Now go explore the school" she replied while

closing the door slowly.

" umm ok? Bye?" I said confused. First off I missed the assembly so I just

looked like a complete idiot running around the halls panting and what not when

Ireally could have been in my new and amazing room. Second off, who did she

think I was Dora the explorer? " now go explore the school" I mocked her


I decided I would explore the school. But I only looked for my other classes ( so

I'm not late tomorrow) and the cafiteria cause it was almost lunch time.

After acting lik Dora and "exploring" the school, I went back up too my room. On

the elevator ride I had an unexpected rage directed towards Zayn. He could

have told me that today was a fricken day off! He knew I wasn't at the assembly

cause I was in the room the whole time. Did he do it too annoy me? I felt my

cheeks burn up just thinking about it. Whether it was intended or not I was pretty


When I got to the room I took out my key card and placed it in the slot. Inward

about to open th door when i heard sounds of laughter and talking coming from

inside my room. I sighed and walked in. The first thing I saw was Louis jumping

on Zayns bed with my Bra on over his shirt! My cheeks were bright red before I

could say " oh my God"

I looked around the room and saw my under garments were on the boys. I

looked at Niall wearing my red heels along with a red bra and burst out

laughing. The boys were stunned silent at my laughing outburst and quickly put

my clothes back were they belong. Liam being the only one who actually folded

them while the others shoved them in my closet.

" what's so funny?" Harry asked with a confused look and smile.

" well I walked in on a famous boyband strutting around in my underwear!" I


" yea about that I'm sorry. I tried telling them not too but they, well they don't

listen very good" said Zayn.

" ha Zayn you liar you never told us to stop! Your the one who pointed us

towards her closet!" Louis yelled from the bathroom. He came out holding my

shampoo and sniffing it. " wow this smells delicious" he said while passing it

around too the other boys who smelled it too.

These boys are as weird in person as thy are in their video diaries! Then i

remembered. This is One Direction! I instantly became shy and hid in the

bathroom until I heard them leave.

Oh my god what a stupid move! Now there going to think I'm like this sycho


I heard a knock on the bathroom door. " umm you know some people would

also like a turn in the bathroom. Are you almost done?" Zayn asked from

behind the door.

Aww crap! Did he actually think that for the past hour I have been pooing! He

must think I have a bad stomach. My checks are burning so much I forgot to

reply to him.

I heard him sigh, then he said " never mind i will use someone else's bathroom"

and then I heard the outside door open and close. My heat coming off my

cheeks could literally cook eggs. This first day of school was going horrible!

And it wasn't even lunch yet. 


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