My Roomate Zayn Malik

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10. Chapter 10!

Chapter 10

Aimans POV

I was so extremely excited for this date! Jace said he was gonna pick me up at

7 and right now it's 6. I had everything I was going to wear out on my bed and I

headed into the shower.

It's not only my first ever date with Jace but my first date with anybody. I wanted

it to be perfect. If only I knew where the hell he's even taking me.

I got out of the shower and put a bath robe around me before walking out the

bathroom. Zayn was back in the room and he was reading a magazine with a

scowl on his face.

" hey" I said to him as I walked to my dressing table. It had a mirror on it and I

stared brushing my hair.

" hi" he said. He looked at my then back to his magazine.

Looking at him through my mirror I said " what's wrong?"

He turned the magazine towards me and I saw he was reading some interview

him and the boys did with the magazine people.

" aaand what about it?" I asked as I started blow drying my hair.

" they twisted half the stuff we said into something more interesting" he said.

Zayn threw the lying magazine across the room and stood up. He walked

towards my bed and looked at the clothes I put out.

" nice outfit " he said holding up and looking at the owl necklace I was going to

wear soon.

" thanks. I'm gonna wear it to the date tonight" I said looking at Zayn closely

through the mirror. His lips pressed together and his eyes went a little dark but

he didn't say anything. Why does the always happen when I mention anything to

do with Jace?

" well this Jace boy is lucky he gets to go on a date with you" he said to me as

he placed my necklace down next to my blue of the shoulder sweater dress and

black leggings.

He came over and stood next to me. I was looking at his reflection on the mirror

and he was looking at mine.

" not really I'm just in average girl" I said picking up the hair straightener. " on

the other hand, for you, any girl who gets too see you and the boys in the flesh is

lucky" I said.

He smiled at me and then said " here let me help you get ready" and he took

my straightener from my hand and started on my hair.

It was really cute and I know this is Zayn doing my hair but I keep picturing Jace

behind me.

I looked at Zayns reflection he highly concentrated on not burning my scalp and

his face was so awesome. His eyes were squinted and he was standing at and

awkward angle. He looked up and saw me staring at him through the mirror.

" can you tell that I've never done this before?" He asked me.

I laughed and nodded my head.

" whatever I think I'm a natural at this hair stuff. Look" he placed the straightener

down and tilted my head to the side to I could see.. How amazingly straight my

hair was!

" wow I'm impressed Zayn. It took my 10 tries to get my hair this straight on my

first time" I told Zayn.

" thanks Aiman" he said. "What do you see in the mirror?" He asked.

I was confused but the question but I looked into the mirror and I saw... Jace. I

was sitting on the seat and instead of Zayn being behind me smiling, I saw


" i see me sitting and Jace standing where you are" I said. His hand lifted from

where it was resting on my shoulder and his face fell. But he smiled again so

fast that in probably wouldn't have noticed if I weren't looking at him closely.

" oh" was all he said . He turned and brought my clothes over to me. " here you

should change. It's 6:30 and you probably don't want to be late for your date" he

said then he walked toward the door. After grabbing the doorknob he turned 

I could not be more shocked with what I just heard. That was the most kindest

thing a guy has ever said to me. I felt like crying but I don't know why.

I got up and changed into my clothes. Then I applied a lot less make up then

usual and smiled. Zayns advise was really sweet. And I wanted him to know I

appreciate what he said by actually following his advice. 

There was a knock on the door.

" Zayn give me back my magazine! Do you know how many hot chicks are in

there!" I hear Harry yell from behind the door. Chuckling I walked to the door.

Opening it i said " Harry he is not hear. He left". Harry looked me up and down. I

blushed like crazy, I wasn't used to being checked out, especially so openly

where the guy doesn't even hide how he's looking at you!

" oh that's too bad. You look nice where you headin'? He asked.

" thanks. I'm going on a date" I said walking into the room and to wear Zayn had

thrown the magazine.

" a date with Zayn? That was fast. You must be a really big fa-" he stopped

himself when he saw my confused face.

" what are you talking about Harry. I'm going on a date with Jace".

" who the hell is Jake" Harry asked with an upset face. What happened to his

good mood?

" it's Jace not Jake" i said trying to hide my anger.

All the boys except Louis hate Jace even though they haven't met him! Why are

they judging him so much!

I picked up Harry's stupid magazine and noticed that the almost naked image

of a model on the cover. Arg boys these days.

" why did you think I was going out with Zayn? And what did you mean by that

was fast?" I asked when I handed him the magazine.

" nothing " he said slowly. Ok something is going on. But I'm to lazy to find out.

Harry said thanks and left after he took the magazine.

I looked at the clock and it was 7. Time for the date!

Irushed to the front doors and sat on the leather couches by a fire.

I checked my phone for any texts from Jace. There was none. He's probably just

running late...

Liam's POV

I flipped through the TV channels. It was 7:30 and NOTHING was on! I was so

bored I decided to do some of my math homework. Getting the papers out of 

my backpack and putting it on the desk Irelised how hungry I was. I got up and

started walking down to the kitchen.

On the way there i passed the lobby and saw a lone figure sitting on the couch.

My heart skipped a beat. It was Aiman. I looked at the time again, it was 7:45.

Wasn't Aiman supposed to be on that date with Jace?

" um Aiman?" I said walking up to her. She looked up and I could tell she was


" oh hi Liam" she said with a smile. It didn't trick me, I could see the red tint in

her eyes that have her away for crying.

" where's Jace?" I asked her while i sat down beside her.

" I honestly don't know, he said he was gonna pick me up at 7 and he's almost

an hour late" then she looked at me and said " but I'm not sure he's even gonna

come". A single tear rolled down her face. I hesitated before wiping it off with

my thumb. This is the first time I've seen Aiman cry and I swear if Jace makes

her cry again I'm gonna kill him.

" don't worry about that big loser" I said

" he's not a big loser" she said. I gave her a look as if to say ' then where the

hell is he' and she looked at her lap and said " he's only a little loser".

God! What did she see in him. She's met him once and she's frickin fallen in

love. He barly texts her. She still likes him. He baled on her on their first date.

She still stands up for him! He doesn't diserve her love.

" hey I'm thirsty. Do you wanna go out and grab a drink?" I asked her. I wanted

to cheer her up and spend more time with her.

She looked out the window once more as if hoping Jace would ride up on a

white horse and take her hand and ride with her into the sunset. But that never

happened so she looked at me and said sure.

We got off the couch and were about to walk to the door when she suddenly


" can we bring Zayn along?" What! NO!

" yea sure. But um why?" I said. Damn it. I bet she doesn't like me and wants

someone else to talk to.

" because he looked bored and upset last time I saw him. And I think we should

cheer him up" she said.

Zayn is upset! I didn't check in on him at all today! What's wrong with me. As

much as I love Aiman, Zayn is one of my best mates and I can't stand to see

him upset.

" oh really? Well yea of corse he can come" I said then I got my phone out and

texted him to meet us at the grand enterance doors.








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