My Roomate Zayn Malik

This story is not mine. I just saved it for my favorite author _tellatubie123 in wattpad, she is hacked and her reads is 1,300,000+ I just want to share this guys with you, hope you'll like it


1. Chapter 1!

Chapter 1

Bring!!!!!!! I slammed my hand down on my alarm. Stupid thing disturbing my

sleep again.

I got up and showered its my first day at Alindale Acadamy and I wanted a

good impression on the students and teachers there. It's a very high class

school and super private a lot of people don't even know about it. It of reminds

me of Hogwarts.

I got the letter for the school just last week during Christmas break. Everyone at

the Acadamy will already have friends and I'm gonna have the bear the new girl


After showering I went down too the kitchen.

" hey sweety ready for your first day at the special school?" My mom said all


" oh mom please don't call it special school it makes it sound like I'm stupid and

need special help" I told her

" we'll someone isn't happy about leaving"

" mom how can I be happy I have too live without you and dad and my brothers

for almost 4 whole months!" I explained a little too loud.

" I know we are going to miss you just remember too call every night ok?"

" of corse mommy" we hugged each other for a while.

After breakfast and a lot of goodbyes with my family and a couple of friends

who decided to skip first period for me, I finally got in a cab too my new school.

After about a 2 hour drive the pulled in too an enormous entrance. There was a

fountain in the middle and we had to drive around it. I looked up at the beautiful

building, I can't believe I got a scholarship for Alindale it's like being in a whole

new point of view. I got out of the an and walked into the building. My dad had

payed the driver already. I looked at the map too see where the office was so I

could get my room and schedule.

I made my way there and got a key card for my room. Room 214. Ok so second

floor. I got in the elevator. Yes this school has an effin elevator. And waited after

pressing floor 2 of 3 floors. I checked myself out in the mirrored walls. My hair

was in a bun on top of my head, I had a red and white striped shirt on an some

skinny jeans with uggs because it was cold outside. I wanted to look nice

before meeting my roommate. The people here were rich and beautiful, they

had all designer clothes and stuff while I could only afford a couple.

The doors opened and I scrambled out. I was late. I could tell because everyone

was in the auditorium for a back from break meeting. I had a late slip so

wouldn't get on trouble. I found room 214 and went inside.

"Oh my God" I breathed out. The room was huge! There was two queen sized

beds against walls across from each other. A big bathroom with two sinks and

a super soaker bathtub, along with a separate shower. I went to one of the two

closets and saw my clothes neatly piled and hung. We had shipped my bags

here two days ago and I guess someone had organized them for me.

I heard voices in the hall, I guess the assembly was over and I missed it.

The door clicked open and standing before me was Zayn Malik. Am I in the

wrong room? I looked again at the closet filled with my clothes. No I'm in the

right place.

" I think your in the wrong room" i told the superstar. Oh my god how am I

keeping my cool I fricken love this boy and he is right here in person!!!

" umm no I'm in the right place" he said coolly, pointing too his stuff and then

showing me his key card which clearly said 214 on it. " I don't think you knew

about how you could end up with a male roommate?" He asked me kindly.

" umm ye.. Yeah I-I didn't know" crap I was stuttering. I could see annoyance on

his face. He must be used to girls who can't talk to him properly. And when you

think about it it must get annoying. Girls taking 5 hours to say something that

would have taken 3 minutes.

" ok well I called this bed " he said pointing to the bed beside the window.

Good I hated sleeping by the window it got too cold. Now I saw all the stuff I

missed when I first entered the room. There was men stuff everywhere! Boy

clothes were piled beatly in the other closet and men shampoo and stuff around

one of the sinks.

" that's fine. Umm so I'm Aiman by the way"

" oh hi Aiman, I'm Zayn Malik" he stuck his hand out

" yea I know who you are" I said shaking his hand. 

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