The Something

Mythical Creatures (vampires ect.) fight against an unknown force


2. The Clue

The day was dark, and the magic theory teacher's mood was even darker. He literally made a pop quiz about "the art of shooting fireballs at the Larky" nobody was ready for appear on our desks. *POOF* I have a F.So, what a dark start to a dark day, putting everybody in a guess what... a dark mood? No, stupid, a cranky mood.

All of the students who were literally CRAWLING through the halls (looks like somebody has been partying) began to notice something strange... The number thirteen was everywhere. There were thirteen rows of thirteen chairs in each classroom, thirteen crayons on our crayon boxes, thirteen computers from the computer lab were stolen today, and the number thirteen was literally spray-painted on the wall in the gym. How did I miss that walking in? Can this relate to The Something? Or just be a coincidence and have nothing to do with The Something. This is... weird. 

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