Before the end

Suzanne is a girl who lives in England with her parents and three younger siblings charoline , madeline and nick.
She has always been a directioner. but what happens when she meets the band, and one of them falls for her?
And what if her
life ends before a happy ending? suzanne tell their story, and how it ends.


15. The accident

Today was the championship os ice skating , sadly niall say he may not me able to make it there in time to watch me 
I started to get nervous when i looked over to the side i saw niall 
Waving at me and it had a sign that said GO SUSY INLOVE YOU ! Really big on it , i smile at the sight of him being there for me 

my skating routine was perfect , i did it perfect and i was so happy 

I ran to niall and he picked me up and twirled me around 

-congratulations baby , Niall said happily 
-i love you 
-i love you more baby 

He kiss me lightly on the lips 

niall had to leave , because he had to go to the studio with the boys, kim brought me back home

i was realy tired but i wanted to go to the park so i decide to go for a walk,
 I was so distracted that when i cross the street, I didn't realize that a car was coming very fast....


I get home but susy wasn't there , called kim but she said that she left her here 1 hour ago , I decided to call susy but she didn't answer , this was really weird , five minutes later the phone rang

-Hey are you relate with suzanne Rumsfeld?
-yes, May I ask who's calling?
-i'm peter andrews , the doctor from the hospital "saint Thomas" are you suzanne's brother?
-no , i'm his boyfriend , what happened to her????
-can you come to the hospital now?
-sure, i'll be there in 2 minutes 

2 minutes later i arrived to the hospital

-hello i'm looking for suzanne Rumsfeld
-oh yes i'm sorry but she is  in surgery but you can wait over there
-can i talk with peter andrews , he is a doctor right?
-he is in surgery 
-what happened to suzanne Rumsfeld ? She is my girlfriend 
-okay listen , you need to wait until the surgery is over
-okay thank you

I wait to hours when finally a nurse called me 

-hey can you come with me please ? She said
-yes sure ,i said 

-hey i'm peter the doctor
-what happened to susy?
-was a Car accident , a car hit her hard , and threw her on the floor ,she hit her head and broke one arm but the blow to her head caused serious problems, there is a 50 % chance that she can not return to see

-you mean that , she won't see anything?
-we don't know yet, but there is a 50%
-can i see her?

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