Before the end

Suzanne is a girl who lives in England with her parents and three younger siblings charoline , madeline and nick.
She has always been a directioner. but what happens when she meets the band, and one of them falls for her?
And what if her
life ends before a happy ending? suzanne tell their story, and how it ends.


14. My parents

-Susy , i'm really nervous , i really want your parents to like me because i want them to approve of me dating their beautiful daughter , niall said

I blush and smile 

-baby i think they will obviously love you, i say trying to make him feel better

A few hours later , my parents arrive also my siblings . Charoline madeline and nick 

-hey mom , hey dad , welcome to our house , this is Niall my boyfriend , 
- hey , nice to meet you , i'm niall ,haha and i'm so happy that you are here 

-aww nice to meet you too niall , my mom says
-is a nice house , my dad says

The whole dinner was going perfect 
My parents were about to leave when my dada says 

-susy i just want you to know that i really like that young man , he is perfect for you, don't let him go

I smile and hug him

-thank you dad i love you , and see you at the christmas party next week

The leave and niall said:

-your siblings are adorable and your mom is so sweet , and your dad in incredible , baby i love you so so much

-awwww , i can't wait for christmas i love you more baby

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