Before the end

Suzanne is a girl who lives in England with her parents and three younger siblings charoline , madeline and nick.
She has always been a directioner. but what happens when she meets the band, and one of them falls for her?
And what if her
life ends before a happy ending? suzanne tell their story, and how it ends.


12. Decorating

I am extremely sick , i can't even get out of bed , niall is very worried about me he is in the studio with the boys and he text me every five minutes to make sure that i am ok , i accidentally doze off in the middle of texting him , i don't know how long i was asleep but i wake up when i hear the door slam 
When i open my eyes Niall was standing in the doorway of the room

-i'm sorry that i woke you up but when you didn't reply to my last message
I was afraid that something happened , he syas.

I give him a small smile 

-i'm fin baby , don't worry 
-well i'm not leaving you here all by yourself . 

 it was snowing I could see out the window,we cuddle in bed for a while

-christmas is coming , Niall says.
-i know baby , i love christmas 
-want to decorate the house ?
-yes yes yes baby

We are decorating the house for christmas , we have a ton of decorations 
I start putting little snowmen all over the house , on the tables and shelves 
I have some lights to put around the Christmas tree , which niall brought this morning,
The next thing i know is fake snow is all over me , i turn around and look at Niall who is grinning 

-very funny , i tell him with a smile 

He smile and walks over to me and helps to get all of it off of me 

-i'm sorry 
-hahaha awwe baby 

After a while we finish decorating , we sit down in front of the fireplace
And cuddle 

-let's watch Toy story , i say
-no baby m let's watch , Titanic , niall says

Few hours later

-Bed time babe , niall said
-oh no 
-hahah yep let's go baby 

I fall asleep in his arms 

~2:30 am in the morning~ 

I woke up screaming 

-susy , what's wrong baby?

He asks wrapping his arms around me protectively 

-I just have a bad dream , i said starting to cry 
-shhh it's okay , you are safe with me

He says still holding me , he wipes away my tears , i lay my head down on his chest , he start singing "little things"  and i fall asleep again 

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