Before the end

Suzanne is a girl who lives in England with her parents and three younger siblings charoline , madeline and nick.
She has always been a directioner. but what happens when she meets the band, and one of them falls for her?
And what if her
life ends before a happy ending? suzanne tell their story, and how it ends.


1. All my life

Beep beeep beeeeep beeeep beeeeeeeeeeep
Docotor DOCTOR. What's happening to my daughter?, My mom yells.
The doctor came running into my room, he took my hand and takes the pulse.
'I'm sorry ... she is dead. The doctor said with tears in his eyes
DEAD? WHY, WHY AM I DEAD then my story comes back to me

My mother began to mourn, my dad held her. He too was crying, and I was there lying on the bed, dead, I can still feel, see and hear
But not breathe. After an hour my parents went home to tell my brothers, that I was dead. my body was still there the room was cold and then I heard the sound of the door, the doctor said.
- Niall here, it's time to say goodbye, Niall was crying, his tears would not stop falling down his cheeks, he approached, kiss my cold lips and said -susy were always the best girlfriend I ever had. You are my princess and that will not change, always love you. Suzanne and Niall forever. 
He took my hand and gave me one last kiss, still crying then left the room with tears in his eyes

My name is Suzanne Rumsfeld was born on August 13 in London, England . I was 16 when I died, but better start this story from the beginning 

I was 14 when I decided to go to Dublin, Ireland to study at the academy Oakland. is located near the center of Dublin. is a modern and large, is a special place for teenagers who are almost professional sports like football, baseball, golf, ballet and in my case, ice skating, in this place, we have the opportunity to study and the practice of our sport. we competitions and trips during the year, it was my dream to go to Oakland International Academy sports school.

~august 13 9:45 am ~ 

I was lying in my bed, today is my birthday today now I have 14 years I want to be the best birthday of my life, I decided to use my phone, after an hour I decide to go down, I saw a big cake on the table the kitchen and then my parents and siblings appear and start singing "Happy Birthday" I was smiling were very sweet. hug me and gave me a piece of cake , my mom was really nice she was the best mom ever her name was Catherine and my dad was Richard Rumsfeld , he is the owner of the best toys company in England , "the Rumsfeld toys " and my mom is the best chef ever  , we were a very close family , we lived in a place with lots of luxury near downtown London , they were many houses with different aspect and locate in different streets name , had a lot of security , no one could enter if not lived in some of these homes , and if we had visitors we need to tell the guard bob , that watched the two huge doors of this suburb called Nottingham  i liked this place because it was really big and it has a very nice park and gardens with beautiful lakes , the houses where different some were huge but modern and others were small and luxurious . 

I decide to take a shower, put on black pants with a short sleeve blouse pink, black boots and a black sweater with large, my hair was long and curly, so I made a ponytail, I I went downstairs, where my mother was holding in his arms Jacob Jacob (Jacob was 1 year old) all went out of the house of my father went to work, his company was very close to home. My mom, me and my brothers were going to the sports center, I held my backpack with my skates inside, Madeline is also a skater and Caroline is a ballet dancer 10 minutes later we arrived and started training 

was 1:09 and we went home, my father was still working usually arrives at 7:00 pm.
-Mom! Madeleine said
-Yes, that happens honey?
- Suzy and I can go to lunch at Nando's while you're at your friend's house with Jacob and charoline?
-Yeah sure girls just have to be here at 7:30 pm ok?
- Yes mom, thanks Madeline says 

I put a white short-sleeved blouse with jeans and white shoes, then both walked to Nando's , I enjoy spending time with Madeline she is only 11 months younger than me, so it's like a best friend, we were
In Nando's loved going there was like one of my favorite places.
then we went to buy some things to the mall at 7:00 we got home I was so tired we reached the living room, I decided to climb the stairs, walked into my room, where I see a great gift with a purple ribbon, opened the huge box, had many letters in a few tracks that are supposed to have to carry me to a certain place suddenly no one was home I decide to follow the clues. I come home from my best friend emma, opened the door, I read the other track, which led to the garden I open the door and they all shouted SURPRISE !!! Hahaha was a surprise party
Emma running and hugs me everyone was watching us and then mick come to me and hug me too, all my friends were there too my sister Madeline and I started dancing was the best surprise party one of the best nights of my life and as was I to know it would be the last, in my life, long after the days that night ran fast. 


afterthe few days I finally going to Ireland, I was very happy but clarity was going to miss my family


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