Before the end

Suzanne is a girl who lives in England with her parents and three younger siblings charoline , madeline and nick.
She has always been a directioner. but what happens when she meets the band, and one of them falls for her?
And what if her
life ends before a happy ending? suzanne tell their story, and how it ends.


2. Academy

Chapter 2 
My room was big, had a bed, a dresser and a huge bathroom,with a small living room a tv, and a computer  I left my bags and settled all my stuff, after a while I fell asleep 
~Dublin Ireland 7:27 am~ 

 I woke up today I'm meeting with my skating coach, kim. I went to take a shower, put on a pink jacket with black leggings ,it was really cold outside, i went to the downtown to run , was going pretty fast, and when I realized, I was on the floor, and a boy had fallen on me, blue eyes, blond hair, handsome and friendly,
-I'm sorry, are you okay?
 he said with an adorable Irish accent,and I realized it was niall horan from one direction, one of my idols had fallen on me.
-yes yes I'm fine, do not worry, I said, smiling and very excited 
-i'm Niall ho..
-Directioner ?
-directioner forever 
-what's your name?, he said
- i'm suzanne Rumsfeld, from England 
- well , susy,  would you like to,have dinner with me ?
- sure sure i want 
-yes !! give me your number!

after a while You have walked together, I return to the academy, I ran up to my room, grab my skates, walk to the ice rink,  Kim was already waiting
-you're late
-i know, sorry
my class lasted all day. was very excited about the date with nialler

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