Before the end

Suzanne is a girl who lives in England with her parents and three younger siblings charoline , madeline and nick.
She has always been a directioner. but what happens when she meets the band, and one of them falls for her?
And what if her
life ends before a happy ending? suzanne tell their story, and how it ends.


5. A crazy morning

I woke up to the sound of screams
NIAAAALL NIAAAAALL AHHHH! People were screaming and there were many lights, when I realized all the paparazzi were taking pictures,
-What happened beautiful?
-Let's go, I yelled as we stood and went out running
- NOOO! We fell asleep
-YES run run!
We ran to the parking lot where the car was, we jumped and went out of there

-Great way to wake up this morning, niall said
-This is going to get you in trouble
-Why? We were just sleeping
-But what about the  rumors?
-yep you're right.
-Just do not want something bad happens, I'll be fine,
- I'll take care of you , always , I promise

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