Not A Rehab

An anorexic girl, Alyssa, and a depressed boy who cuts himself, Nicholas.. Wound up meeting each other at a summer camp to get help for their problems. Making stupid mistakes with each other, they end up my together? Or live happy?


1. Stop the hate on 1D!

🎧I recommend turning on some slow music, possibly a One Direction song, and resuming this story...🎧


Okay, I would like to get straight to the point of my anger and hurt.

Niall has been getting so much hate, to much to handle. People scream rude things at him on stage, say rude things on Twitter, and hate videos about him on YouTube.

I know all the other boys get all the same pressure, but Niall really stands out to me. Some people don't know how special he is..

I can't even begin to find words to describe how perfect he is. He deserves love, not hate, none of the boys do.

I want to punch and yell at the people who hurt these precious boys!
They did nothing to you!
-They are NOT gay!
-They are gentleman
-They care
-They are so incredibly perfect..
-They AREN'T ugly.
-They... Are just so beautiful inside and out, I don't understand why they get hate,
-They are INCREDIBLY talented

These boys mean so much to me.

But, Niall, your so cute and gorgeous... You really stand out to me, you give me butterflies whenever I hear your solos, I get butterflies whenever I see pictures of you hurt, because the guilt rushes over me...  
I would literally wouldnt mind if I got all their hate instead of them getting it.

Niall; you deserve more solos, you deserve to get more love.
I saw a quote that read '83% of girls wouldn't care if Niall left the band today, and the other 17% would fall on the floor crying' 
I'm the 17%, small number right?
I don't understand why..

Girls ask for hugs from the other boys and ignore Niall, 

I honestly CANNOT begin to describe the amount of anger that rushes through me whenever people hurt Niall's feelings.

Niall, you deserve your princess. Then she will become your queen, 

And to the people that say he's 'yours', 
He's not yours. He will only be yours if your his princess. And to be honest, it gets annoying whenever people fight over who Niall's is. 
This happens with the other boys to.. And it gets on my nerves.
I love you One Direction, I love you Liam, I love you Louis, I love you Niall, I love you Harry, and I love you Zayn.
All of you are so talented, its unbelievable. 
I want to hug each of the boys, not to get a touch off of them, not to fangirl, not to be clingy, and not to be obsessive, but to just simply tell them how much they mean to me, how perfect they are, and a REASURRING hug.

Here are the different loves from their fans-

*there are the girls who fight over who gets who* (and boys)

*there are girls who keep their love for One Direction to themselves*
(And boys)
*there are girls who scream and fangirl in their face*
(And boys)
*there are girls who show them respect and stay out of their business*
(And boys)
*then the stalkers...*

I am the girls who show them respect and also keep my love to myself.

*except for when I write it,*

All of these boys need to be hate-free, they need love and support from their fans.

If you disagree, then I'm sorry my point didnt show to you. 
I just wanted to let people know that these boys 100% deserve love. 
And 0% hate. 

Dear Zayn,
Your gorgeous, talented, a GREAT singer, a gentleman, cute, and nice. 
I can't explain how much I respect you,  and support you. Your fantastic, Zayn. Keep doing what you love and try to forget about the haters. <3
Dear Louis,
Oh mah gosh, where to start...
Your funny, gorgeous, nice, a fantastic singer, cute, and a little kid on the inside <3
I love you and want you to know that.
Dear Liam,
Your voice, your style, your eyes, your appearance and talent is just all fantastic. The haters don't know know what their saying, they might as well be drunk whenever they type those things, because their not true. Your amazing and talented <3
Dear Harry,
Your floppy brown hair, your emerald green eyes, and your voice is so sweet and makes me smile whenever I see you smile, or hear you laugh. 
I love everything about you... Keep going, love <3
🎆And I saved the best for last...🎆

•▪🔹Dear Niall James Horan,•▪🔹
I can't begin to describe, honestly, how perfect, beautiful, gorgeous, cute, talented, and sweet you are. 
I suddenly got butterflies whenever I started typing this, c:
I want you to know that you are so special, I love the way that you sing, the way you pronounce things (as in accent), I love your personality, your style, your hair, your eyes, and just... simply everything about you.
Just believe me whenever I say your absoloutley stunning. 
And remember that, please. <3 

I hope my point gets across, and hopefully people will STOP the hate,

🔹If you are a hater to One Direction, you need to stop it. Hating on them isn't doing anything for you. Just making people hate you, so leave the boys alone.🔹

•🔹Sorry for such a 'different' topic in this 'book', but I just really can't stand whenever they get hurt.•🔹 



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