The Story of Greyce

It’s sad to think that such a sad, heart breaking event in your life will have put you on the road you were meant to be on, that such an event would show you what you are really supposed to do with your life. When Greyce died, I became depressed and started drinking, then became an alcoholic, but I stopped, because I knew she could see me from heaven, and if she could she would slap me and tell me to snap out of it. I decided to do something more with my life, for her. I decided to help kids with cancer like her, so I studied to be a juvenile oncologist, and years after started my career and meeting kids like her, some I even saved. Being thanked by the children for saving them gives me a life worth living. Through tragedy, she changed my life for the better. I wish I could thank the angel, angel Greyce, for giving me something to live for.


1. Letting Go



            I was called by Greyce’s parents, saying that she wanted to say goodbye to her teacher, and that I should get down to the hospital because they are sure this is her last day here on earth. I walked straight out of my classroom, without saying a single word to my wide eyed students. I entered the office and told them they have to find me a substitute, because I have to go, now. They nodded and the principal of the school went to watch my class as they tried frantically to find a sub. I got in my car and blurry-eyed I drove to the hospital, going at least 15 miles over the speed limit. I ran in the door and asked the woman at the desk for Greyce’s room number, and she gave it to me. Room 796 now, it was 324 before. I sprinted to the girl’s room as quickly as I could. Her mother opened the door, told me she wants to talk to me, and with that being said she left the room and sat in the hallway.

            “I look like crap, don’t I?” She said barely audible, looking up at me with her tired light blue eyes, I knew at that point they were right, today was her last day.

            “No, you look fine, Greyce.” I said to her, noticing how weak and small she looked in the hospital room, and how much paler she has gotten since she was first diagnosed with this bastard disease. She had lost all of her hair while trying to be saved and all of the doctors’ and nurses’ hard work was deemed useless.

            “I need to tell you something,” she said and coughed weakly, I walked up closer to her and sat beside her bed. “I wanted to tell you, even though you think your life is a total waste of people’s time, it’s really not. It totally changed my life the year I got in your class. My life was hard, that never really changed, but your friendship made me not give up. I never really had a real father, and you, how you were respectful, nice, protective, and actually there for me, gave me a glimpse of what it would be like to have a father, and I’m extremely thankful for that, and if I had chance to go back and  had to decide whether to be in your class or not have cancer, I wouldn’t change a thing, you know why? Because being in your class had to be the first and only time I was ever happy.”

            I started crying again and grabbed this girl’s hand. “You know Greyce,” I said between sobs, “teachers aren’t supposed to pick favorites, but you were always mine, you know that? Seeing you smile and walk into the room everyday reminded me the reason I picked this job, kids like you make this job worth working, even if the pay is terrible along with the insurance. I wish it was me with the cancer; you were such a bright student. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if I saw you grew up to be a brain surgeon, the president, or find the cure for cancer.”

            “I have one more thing to tell you,” She said as I watched her eyes get distant, “I love you, as a father figure and teacher.” Her hand suddenly lost grip of mine and I heard the heart-wrenching sound of the heart monitors long, sad ring and the sweetest girls labored breathing gone, my student, my friend, my family, my…daughter, gone forever everywhere but in my heart.

 “I love you too, as a daughter and student.” I whispered to her, but knew she was already gone.

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