The Story of Greyce

It’s sad to think that such a sad, heart breaking event in your life will have put you on the road you were meant to be on, that such an event would show you what you are really supposed to do with your life. When Greyce died, I became depressed and started drinking, then became an alcoholic, but I stopped, because I knew she could see me from heaven, and if she could she would slap me and tell me to snap out of it. I decided to do something more with my life, for her. I decided to help kids with cancer like her, so I studied to be a juvenile oncologist, and years after started my career and meeting kids like her, some I even saved. Being thanked by the children for saving them gives me a life worth living. Through tragedy, she changed my life for the better. I wish I could thank the angel, angel Greyce, for giving me something to live for.


2. First Day of School...6:00 a.m

I don't know why I feel so much love and passion for teaching. It's basically just babysitting a bunch of immature, unruly, fifteen year old teenagers who claim they have "swag" and whose response to everything is either "yeahh boy!" or "aw hell no!" The kids who think it is cool to have their jeans to their knees and as much skin or cleavage as possible showing.


Maybe my passion for being a teacher comes back from the days of elementary school when I dreamed of being the principal of the White House...but of course way back in that little boy era I was convinced that the White house was where young future presidents, politicians, and government officials were taught and went to school. I wasn't a very bright child, but those things do follow you on into your adult life.


I woke up at four to the crisp air of the open window on my face and the smell of rich, freshly ground coffee making love to my nose. My wife was up significantly earlier than I, more than likely because she wanted to surprise me with coffee before my first day of teaching at Southern Ridge High School this year.


I ran to the kitchen, grabbed my wife, and swiftly kissed her on the lips.

"Good morning Sunshine, coffee smells good." I told her between kisses.

"I think you got it wrong honey, it's dark outside, you should have said 'Good morning my dark, and tired, and beautiful wife.'"

"You have the beautiful right," I corrected her, "but there is always sunshine when you are around Honey."

"You're just sucking up to me because you want some coffee... Well, I have to go Baby. Make sure you tell me about those wild highschool kids when you get home."

"Will do!" I said and gave her one final goodbye kiss.


I went to the bathroom and got ready, I shaved off my facial hair I had going on, washed my hair and body, and got dressed. It's "mandatory" that we look "presentable" when we teach, as in no jeans, and shirts require collars. Goodbye being comfortable teaching.


I grabbed my still hot coffee and got in the car. I rechecked over all of the things in my car to make sure I had everything I needed for the first day of school, then I made my way to the high school, but I first stopped at the gas station for a donut.


Licking the glaze off of my fingers, I walked into the classroom to find a student already sitting there, it was six in the morning.


"Well, young lady, you're mighty early... Nice to meet you, I'm Mr. Christian. Might I ask what your name is?"

"Nice to meet you sir, name is Greyce.... My parents wanted to get me out of their hair as early as possible..."

"Well, mam', you can chill in here with me as I prepare the classroom, we'll have two hours to get to know each other I assume."

"Yes sir, I guess so..."


It got quiet and she sat there looking down sadly.


"What's the matter young lady, I know I've only known you for about, well, three minutes....but you can tell me if it will make you feel better"

"'t's nothing sir." she whispered, "just tired I guess..."

"Well, if you change your mind, feel free to tell me, I'm a very good listener."

She sat there for a minute and thought about it, then said "My parents dropped me off here because they WANTED to get rid of me. I mean, I know highschool kids can be a pain in the butt sometimes, I had to sit in a classroom full of thirty of them on a daily basis, but my parents obviously hate me, and I have yet to figure out what I did. They don't do this to the younger siblings  just me..."

"Well, talking to you, you are honestly one of the most polite kids I have ever talked to, they really have no reason to be mean to you if you act like this at home. The whole dropping you off two hours early thing kind of bothers me too, I mean talking to you is a pleasure, but dropping you off early like this is just a way for them to be mean to you..."

"Yeah, you know, but whatever, that's just them. Things like this have been this way since I was little, I really should be used to it by now..."

"No kid, or teenager should ever have to get used to that. Do you want this conversation to stay between us, or do you want some other authority to know about this so that they can help?"

"Sir, can we please keep this between us? I don't need them mad at me right now."

"Okay Greyce." I said, "I promise"


Throughout the school day, I couldn't stop thinking about Greyce's conversation with me. I really didn't think it was right for her parents to treat her like they do, but it was of her request that no authorities were told. I decided I would be kind to her though, let her know that no, she doesn't deserve to be treated like that and she really is a good kid! 

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