A Hero

First Story. A girl raised in an abusive household meets a boy who is forced to do all good


2. Running


                                                                   I run. Run from the world, run from my problems. I've spent my whole life running from something, and finally decided to stop running, no matter the consequence. I grew up in an abusive household, my dad always getting drunk and beating my brothers and I. My mother left us when I was twelve, and as soon as I turned eighteen I left with my seven and eight year old brothers. I am currently still eighteen, with dark brown hair and light, light blue eyes. Working double shift and living in a crappy falling apart house.  Bills are getting harder to pay, and with the brothers getting older and school getting more expensive I’m starting to run out of things to keep me going. I dream about the day I am allowed to give up, allowed to breathe, even if that is the day I stop breathing.


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