A Hero

First Story. A girl raised in an abusive household meets a boy who is forced to do all good


3. Day One


                                                                   First day on the job, though I wouldn't really consider it a job, I mean, I’m not paid, and it was the only reason the scientists put me on this earth…to be their crime fighting slave. Some drug busts took place during this crime fighting hell of mine, an attempted bank robbery too, but both I ended fairly quickly. I was shot at in both equations, but the scientists make my skin nearly un-puncturable except by their diamond needles, so that they can test my blood, and if for some reason I get sick they can repair me. A woman told me thank you at the bank, but I really didn't care. It’s not like I had a choice not to save her. I walked slowly back to the lab I've been living at my entire life, and the place I will be stuck in, like a prisoner in his own personal prison, except he knowingly did the crime, he had a choice that put him in the unfortunate position he's in. I had no choice, none.

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