Depressed Girl Suicide!

There Is This Girl Named Jessica Smith Who Is Going Through Deep Depression And Doesn't Want To Live Anymore So She Decides To Commit Suicide Because Of Her Ongoing Depression.


1. After School

* Jessica Smith Goes To Ellington Joyce Middle School And Has A Problem With Bullying And Depression,As It Gets Closer In The Year She Doesn't Want To Live Anymore And Is No Longer A Girl Who Wears Bright Colors She Goes Totally Gothic And Comes To A Conclusion Of Committing Suicide. *

Dear Journal,

     Its Jessica Smith Here And I Am Soo Depressed People At School Were Making Fun Of Me Today Because I Am Such A Clumsy Person, I Got Pushed By A Girl In The Hallway Today And A Couple Of Girls Decided To Jump Me And Beat The Shit Out Of Me, I Had The Worst Day Of School Today And My Parents Are Busy With Everything Else They Never Have Time For Me I Want To Be Noticed And I Want My Parents To Stop Being Busy And Make Time For Me...I Am Soo Depressed.



It 5:00pm and Jessica has been out of school since 3:00pm she seems to be very depressed so her parents ask her whats wrong and she tells them whats wrong and it breaks her mothers heart that her daughter has to deal with tells her to go to bed and stay strong.

Jessica Goes Back To School For Another Miserable Day, Jamie And Sally Start To Make Fun Of Her Again Saying Things Like You Will Never Get A Boyfriend,You Will Never Have any Friends And That You Are An Ugly Troll Who Needs A Make Over Which Leaves Her Crying And Running...She Start To Think That Everything They Are Saying Is True And After School She Goes Home And Locks Herself In The Bathroom And Starts To Cut Herself And Listen To Depressing Music.

Dear Journal,

     I Had Another Horrible Day At School Jamie And Sally Said Hurtful Things To Me Which Made Me Cry And I Decided To Go Home After School And Slit My Wrist Again Its Hard To Be A Girl Like Me Who Is Ugly, Clumsy. Who Will Never Have Friends And Who Is Fat. My Parents Tell Me I'm Not But Who Cares Anymore.

P.S.-I Wanna Die



Her Mom Tells her Its Time For Dinner So She Goes Downstairs To Eat Dinner with He Wrists Covered Her Mom Ask Her If She Was Going To Roll Up Her Sleeves To Eat My She Says No And Lets Her Sleeves Get Dirty.

 Jessica Goes To School And Tells Her Teachers Whats Been Going On Because They Notice Somethings Wrong The See It In Her Grades And In Here Academics....After She Tells Them Whats Going On A Teacher Of Hers Hands Her A Card With A Number To Call When She Feels Hopeless And That She Needs Help...Because The Care So Much About Her And She Takes The Card And Goes Home With It.

Stay Tuned For Chapter 2!

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