a summer to remember

jolynne goes to england for the summer to get away from her life in the U.S. she meets a guy named zayn and falls for him and he falls for her too but someone else love her too and he probably wont stop till she gets her.


2. the ''date''

jolynnes p.o.v.

                                  zayn texted me an hour before the ''date'' telling me what time he was coming. i really didnt know what to wear so i just put on black skinny jeans with a white shirt that has black sparkles on it. the shirt kinda slid off one of my shoulders. i put a smokey eye eye shawdow some red lipstick and mascara. i looked at myself in the mirror and smiled being proud of how i looked liked. breanna came in and smiled and said,'' damn girl you look h-o-t hot!'' i laughed at her comment and  i said '' shut it, do you think zayn would like it?'' ''of course'' like if it was on schedule the door bell ringed right when she said that. ''ill get it'' breanna practically screamed. i wanted to be fashionably late. i wanted to keep him waiting for a little bit. so, i waited by my door while breanna opened the door. i heard them talking. '' hi'' breanna said. '' hi, is umm jolynne here?'' ''oh yeah shes just finishing getting ready.'' '' you can come in.'' breanna said before running to me. ''hurry up hes here'' ''ok ok let me put my earrings on'' i finished putting it on and walked out to see him wearing some jeans and a white v-neck shirt with a black jacket on top with some black shoes. i just stare at his handsome face. ''jolynne before you go you forgot something'' breanna said. ''wha-'' i look down and forgot my shoes. omg i start to blush a lot i totally forgot. 


                                                                       if you read the part about where i was describing what she i was wearing i didnt say anything about shoes back to ze story! 

                             i ran straight to my room put on some red toms and went back to living room and said '' ok now im ready!'' zayn giggled so did i.

zayns p.o.v.

                                                    oh my nandos! jolynne looks amazing or should i say amayzayn. no it sounds weird coming from me. we walked to the car and i opened the door to let her in. '' oh my, what a gentlemen'' she tells me when i open the door. i laugh. i take her to a quiet park and there was a picnic set for us. she smiles when she comes out and hugs me tight. god can we stay like this forever. '' i love it!'' she says '' ithought you would'' ''im sorry'' she says softly '' for what?'' '' for being a jerk yesterday'' ''its ok you were a little grumpy'' i say jokingly '' oh shush, you arent the person i thought you were.'' ''what do you mean'' i say as we are eating. ''i just thought you were a little player messinhg with girls hearts and just leaving after you know...did it.'' that kinda hurt.''why did you think that?'' i raised my eyebrow '' well with your look and all'' she giggled nervously. '' well its not my fault that i am very i mean very handsom'' she rolls her eyes and says '' whatever pretty boy'' we finish up our date while just talking about our life i told i was part of a band and she was like oh thats where your from you looked very familiar. i took her home and i parked in front of her flat. we were still in the car and it was silent untill she said '' thx zayn that was one of my best dates i ever had.'' i smiled ''your welcome, love'' our eyes locked into eachothers i leaned in and she did to. all of  a sudden her lips crashed into mine. i felt sparks like everywhere forget that hug i wanted to stay like this forever. she pulled away slowly. '' that was fun'' she giggled. ''ok i got go umm breanna is waiting for me.'' ''ok ill text you later and call you tomorrow and ur meeting the rest of the boys tomorrow ok?'' ''ok bye'' she left smiling and i drove off that was amazing.

jolynnes p.o.v.

                                         that was amazing! i walk in the flat and breanna comes running toward me screaming ''how did it go!!!'' she scares me sometimes just kidding ''awesome duuhhh!!! we kissed!!'' '' no fucking way was he a good kiseer!?'' ''hell yeah!'' ''omg thats awesome...for you lol'' ''haha im gonna take a shower" ''kk'' i walk in my room get my clothes take a shower i layed down and ended up falling asleep.


                                                                                              hi i am looking for a co-author so if you would like to be one comment and ill say who the co-author in the next update. oh and im sorry if i havent updated fast enogh i have a lot on my mind so yeah. thx for reading. one last thing if i dont get a co-author i might not continue.




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