a summer to remember

jolynne goes to england for the summer to get away from her life in the U.S. she meets a guy named zayn and falls for him and he falls for her too but someone else love her too and he probably wont stop till she gets her.


1. a new start

                   hi my name is jolynne im 18 and i used to live in the U.S. i had a very crappy life. my dad is in prison and my mom used to live with me but shes an alcholoic. i think im the only normal one in my family. anyway, i have curly brown hair and i have bangs that go to the side i straighten them. i moved to the U.K. for the summer to try to get a new start if i like it here i might not stay here for just the summer. i have a best friend her name is breanna. she is awesome shes always there to comfort me when im sad. she came with me to the U.K. she likes it here but i barely leave our apartment. i just like to relax here. 

                  "jolynne lets go!" breanna said practilly pushing me out the door. she making me explore london with her. we are gonna go shopping and stuff. " ok ok slow down." we laugh while walking out the door. we walked the streets the whole day. it was about 6 pm when we saw this cute summer dress. i wanted to get it soooo  bad so we went inside. but, we didnt just get tht dress we tried other stuff on too. i saw this cute skirt on the other side of the store so i was gonna get it to try. "hold on breanna im gonna get that skirt i brb." i say. "ok ill be here." she says. " duh where else will you go,just kidding." she laughs sarcastically at my joke. i go to the other side of the store to get the skirt and i accidently bump into someone and trip on his foot. "omg, are you ok im soo sorry" "its ok im fine i say without looking at the person.

                 when i actually look up i see this gorgeous face. he is sooo hot. i feel like its love at first sight but i think im just thinking that because i probably hit my head. someone like him will never fall for me. he looks familiar. "im really sorry i should probably take you out to repay you." he flirts. i feel myself blush but i dont want to melt i want to play hard to get." i dont think so." i say with a little bit of attitude. " awww, come you know you want to." "fine whatever." i say while rolling my eyes a little. omg do i really have to play hard to get i want to be his already. ahhhhh. " whats your name anyway?" "zayn and you?" "jolynne" "gorgeous." "yeah sure you probably say that to all the girls and them dump them the next day." okay by the way he looks that actually sounds a little true. i should get to know him first.

zayns p.o.v                   

                        omg  jolynne is so gorgeous but i wonder why she isnt fangirling me like anyone else would. i dont know. but she is a little rude. with her last comment i didnt say anything after it. "when can i take you out?" i ask her. '' i dont know when are you free?'' '' tomorrow'' '' sounds good to me.'' we switched numbers and said our goodbyes.

jolynnes p.o.v

                      i cant believe that just happened. ''breanna!!!'' i yelled ''what?!?'' '' i just met this really hot guy right now and are going on a date tomorow and i got his number and and and im justb really excited!!!'' '' i can tell, lol'' ''but,'' ''but wat jolynne!'' ''he thinks i probably hate him.'' ''what why?'' ''i was making a little bit of rude comment but its only because im playing hard to get.'' ''really jolynne'' yes really'' ''whatever'' we headed home and went straight to bed

zayns p.o.v.                   

                   ''omg guys i just met this really hot girl!'' ''thats cool lad.'' liam says looking at clothes probably not caring. i told niall he seemed intrested and cant wait to meet her. louis thought it was cool because i finally getting over perrie. perrie is my ex-girlfriend she cheated on me while was on tour and i walked in on her while she was having sex with some dude that i didnt even care to ask about. i just left and told her we were over. she did it to me 2 times already. i was getting tired of it. im  also getting literally tired. i went home took a shower and went to bed. i couldnt wait till tomorrow and was thinking about jolynne and slowly drifted asleep.


    hi guys so this is my first movella so yeah hope you like xoxo 

    -jolynne <3


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