1. Beginnings

Rosie was about to head back to her group of friends when she noticed a rather  attractive guy standing in the doorway of the club. He had a bright smile that lit up his entire face and green eyes that were looking straight at her. Her lips curled up into a small smile as other males entered with him. Rosie felt something like excitement in the pit of her stomach as she stopped to get  a drink at the counter. Rosie could perfectly hear her pulse in her ears as she stood frozen on the spot, watching as the nameless  curly haired boy approached her. Rosie's eyes scanned over the boy-bands body as her hand tightened around the cup she was holding.

"Dance with me?" Harry asked in a deep voice and she could feel her eyes scanning Harry's body again. (God he's attractive...even more in person) Rosie thought biting her lip. Rosie put her drink to her lips and drank the content of it before taking his hand leading him to the dance floor.

Rosie could feel herself becoming lightheaded as she danced with the teen superstar. She continued to dance until she felt to sick to move. She then went to go sit down then felt people beginning to surround her. Rosie smiled at her squealing friends as they dragged her out out of  club.

"You were dancing with Harry freaking styles!! Oh my god!!"Rosie's friend said giving her a huge hug as they waited for a cab. Her other friend giggled and gave her a high five. The cab finally arrived and they entered driving to their respective homes. Rosie entered her home feeling the alcohol consuming her. She took her clothing off and entered her shower and let out a sigh of relief when the water hit her body, releasing the tension on them.

( Harry Styles huh?) Rosie thought as she continued to clean her body and hair. After a couple more minutes of cleaning herself she stepped out of the shower and brushed her teeth. She entered her room and grabbed her purse, looking for her phone.

(HUH?!! My phone!!!! Where's my phone?!!!) Rosie thought as she began to have a mental break down. She then remembered the last place she had it. She let out a groan of annoyance and sat down on her bed, putting her feet up and her head on the pillow.

She closed her eyes thinking only one thing(My phones in the club..crap) as darkness consumed her.


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