Virtual Love

When two people fall in love online


1. Meeting

A girl logging on to smallworlds because she's bored and home alone. Then a boy named Jason asked her about VIP and if its worth the money.

Jason: Is it worth all the money?

Becca: I mean it depends on if you're on smallworlds a lot and if you think its worth it then go for it!

Jason: Oh cool do you wanna hang out some time?

Becca: Sure.

Jason: Wanna hang out at my place for a while? I got a villa.

Becca: Hell ya! I love them things!

*They arrive at the villa.*

Jason: Welcome to my house come in ill show you around.

Becca: Ok. Beautiful place.

Jason: Crystal come here i made a new friend at Harlem High School.

Crystal: Hi Becca.

Becca: Hi.

Crystal: Well let me show you around.

Becca: Ok.

Crystal: This is our room.

Becca: OUR!?

Crystal: Yes! Didn't Jason tell you we are dating?

Becca: No!

Crystal: OK well im sorry he didn't but it was nice meeting you...

Becca: Nice meeting you too. Im just going to say bye to Jason.

Crystal: Ok.

Becca: *SCREAMS JASON* from inside.

Jason: Yes Becca?

Becca: You NEVER told me you were dating Crystal!

Jason: Sorry Becca I meant to but I guess I forgot.

Becca: Well I better go. Bye

Jason: Bye.










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