Gianna is an 18 year old girl living with her best friend Maggie back in her childhood home in England. When Gianna moves there she runs into her old childhood friend. Who? You may ask. Well, it's Harry Styles from One Direction! The two start at a rocky start but as the story continues they both fall for each other a little more. The two face lots of problems and try to hold their love strong but what happens when the loves cracks because of one big mistake? Find out in Lovestrucked. (In editing the story may sound weird at the start with the other chapters but, I'll fox it soon :)


1. Home

It's been a year. One whole year without Him, escaping running away from my fears caused by Him. I won't say who Him because Him shouldn't be mentioned now but, you'll find out who Him is soon. Let me introduce myself though, I'm Gianna Sanchez and this is my story.

Gianna's POV

I groaned as I lifted up the last box and dropped it down on the dinning room table. A truck honking made me turn my head and waved back at the moving truck pulling out of the driveway and driving away. I sighed and looked around the new flat/apartment that I share with my best friend, Maggie. I came all the way to London with her because there was no way I was going to let her go alone without any experience here. I may have been only 6 or 7 since the last time here but, I still remember most of the streets.

Besides, Maggie s a fun, sweet, out-going, normal-"AHHHH!" A bloody scream came from upstairs and got louder and running down the stairs was Maggie holding I'm guessing another one of her One Direction posters. So, when I said she was normal..yeah, let's just cross that one out. She's super sweet in public but, once you get to know her and you end up being her best friend like me- she's not all that sweet and normal. Nineteen years old, you expect some maturity but, One Direction sort a changed that.

"What's wrong?" I asked, crossing my arms and rolling my eyes. She looked up at me, "THERE IS A RIP IN MY NIALL HORAN POSTER, GI! MY POOR BABY HE'S RUNIED LOOK AT HIM!" She over dramatically screamed. AS she showed the poster at the very top of it was a tiny tear. Like you couldn't even see it. "Really?" I asked, "Maggie it's not even noticeable." I told her She huffed and turned around and walked away I rolled my eyes once again. "I'm going to g to the store real quick then we'll make a video, okay?' I called grabbing my jacket and keys then checking if I had my phone which I did. "Okay!" Maggie yelled back. I opened the door and I felt the spring air hit my face. I'm happy to be home, where I belong.

A/N: I just wanted to say I'm sorry for no posting and that I'm restarting the story! Love you all!

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