My Crazy Europe Adventure( with Harry Styles)

After being hurt so many times, college student, Jamie Moyers learned to take control of her life and not let anyone get in her way. She has a plan, college, see the world, write best-selling books, enjoy her freedom, then maybe marriage. As she is traveling around Europe with her best friend, Desiree, she comes across fun-loving Harry Styles. Her behavior and personality sends Harry hurdling down the love tunnel, but Jamie is keeping him at arms lenght even though she too is falling in love with "Pretty Boy". Plus, it doesn't get any easier to hide it when he travels with them. As she starts to let him in, she is torn away from him by her past. She is forced to go into hiding as a crazy murder follows closely waiting for a moment to strike. Harry fights his way to find her as he juggles his fast moving career. Will they make it out in the end? Or will their relationship end ?


19. Relax...

Desiree's POV

"I can not believe you told him to go!" Niall slammed the front door. I was sitting on the sofa, working on my online classes for summer. I enrolled after Jamie went to Greece, I had to have something to do.

"Well, hello, honey how was your day?" I asked sarcastically. He shot me a glare and walked into his room. I followed. "My day was terrific, thanks for asking."

"He didn't need to go after her again." Niall pulled off his shirt, chucking it at the bed. "He needs to get his mind off of her for a while. Not go follow her, because he has a crush."

"A pretty deep crush." I leaned on the door. "You have to admit that Harry was getting pretty phatic looking since she left. Like a part of him was gone. I thought that if he could go see Jamie he would get some sort of closure."

"A closure that could cost his career." Niall said from the bathroom. "Not to mention mine. I like Jamie, she's nice, funny, but she's a distraction right now. Everyone's told him that-"

"Sometimes you need a distraction." I walked towards him. I wrapped my arms around his waist, trying to calm him down. "Jamie's smart, she knows that if he stays long, he's going to get in trouble. Now, please don't get worked up."

"Fine." He sighed. "But if you're wrong."

"I'm not." I kissed him on the nose. "Go take a shower. You stink."

"Come with me." A playful smirk was covering his face. He tried to pull me towards the shower, but I wouldn't move.

"Oh, honey," I mocked him. "I would love to, but you ate all the food, and I bet your hungry from working today. Right? I will be right back."


I wonder if I can get him to start eating healthy? Nah, then he's gonna make me eat the gross stuff too. I thought. I walked down the rows and rows of food, picking stuff up here and there, until I could look at my cart and think I have enough to last us awhile.

I walked out of the store after paying, and started towards the car. The parking lot was barren and quiet. The sun had already set and the moon hung in the night sky. I checked my phone for the time, 7:30. Not bad, I thought I was in there longer.

"Keys, keys, keys." I hummed as I searched. "Ha! Found ya."

A hand covered my mouth from behind. I dropped everything in shock. My heart was beating so hard. I tried to scream but I couldn't get anything out. I kicked as hard as I could, but it didn't faze him. He just laughed at me.

"Silly girl," My heart stopped at the familiar voice. "It's just me. Don't you want me?" I shook my head, trying to free my mouth so I could yell for help. His grip just got tighter. "Shhhh, It will be ok."

I felt a sharp pain run through my head, making everything go fuzzy. Then another hit. Then everything went black.

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