My Crazy Europe Adventure( with Harry Styles)

After being hurt so many times, college student, Jamie Moyers learned to take control of her life and not let anyone get in her way. She has a plan, college, see the world, write best-selling books, enjoy her freedom, then maybe marriage. As she is traveling around Europe with her best friend, Desiree, she comes across fun-loving Harry Styles. Her behavior and personality sends Harry hurdling down the love tunnel, but Jamie is keeping him at arms lenght even though she too is falling in love with "Pretty Boy". Plus, it doesn't get any easier to hide it when he travels with them. As she starts to let him in, she is torn away from him by her past. She is forced to go into hiding as a crazy murder follows closely waiting for a moment to strike. Harry fights his way to find her as he juggles his fast moving career. Will they make it out in the end? Or will their relationship end ?


28. Let's Go Crazy for a While

It was a small service. Nothing big, nothing overdone. Just how Des would have wanted; Simple. It was in her mother's hometown, Jefferson City, Missouri. Her parents were there; they were how you would think parents would be after losing a child, devastated and broken beyond compared. Niall sat across the aisle, looking heartbroken and confused. The boys and Eleanor were how you'd imagine friends looking when one of their own is hurting; sad, and wanting to help in any way. A few of our friends were there; Ashley, Brae, and Hayley. I'm not sure what they were going through. They weren't as close to Desiree as I was, but they were still friends.

Me? I was grieving to the side of it all. The wind blew my hair softly, without a cloud in sight, the sun beat down on my head and shoulders. I could feel each blade of grass on my bare feet. I breathed in the earthy, summer air. I was some how calm. I wasn't denying her death, but I was questioning it. For some reason it doesn't feel like she's actually dead. I couldn't put my finger on it, but she isn't dead, I could feel it. I don't want to bother anyone and try to explain it. I'd in up in the nut house. So, I kept it to myself.

Once it ended, I drove us all to my dads house in my car. Desiree's parents didn't want anyone there, so we all granted their wish. I didn't blame them, who wanted to host a whole lot of people they hardly knew right after the death of a daughter? They needed a place to crash until their flight back, so my father's house was next in line. It was quite far from Jefferson City; three hours exactly. We drove down the highway, passing cars upon cars,  until I saw a Wal-Mart  in a town on the side of the road.

"Hey," I said as I flipped my blinker on. "I need to stop here for a moment, do any of you guys need to get anything?"

"I think it might be a better idea if we stay here." I glanced in the rearview mirror; they all looked squished as Louis gestured to the boys with his eyebrows high. My car was only made for a few people "Don't want a scene, right?"

I smiled. "Right, forgot about that for a moment."

"I'll go with you." Eleanor said in the passenger seat as I parked.

"Alrightly let's go!" With that we jumped out in the cool evening air. The sun was setting, leaving streaks of pinks, purples, and gold in the sky. Once inside we started towards the food section.

"So what are we getting?" El asked.

"We are getting food."

"Your dad doesn't have food at his house?"

"He does, but since my mom died there hasn't been any good food there." She looked confused, so I continued on my horrible explaining. "Like, he has salad dressing but no salad. Cereal, but no milk. Ham, but no bread. Waffles, but no syrup. Not to mention, all the silverware is gone."

"What? Why?"

"I have no idea." I sighed. "I haven't been home since I graduated. A full year. I'm not really sure what I'm walking into. Do you like Lucky Charms, Coco Puffs, or Cheerios? Never mind, let's take 'em all." I scooped it all up and dumped it in the chart. "Oh, Cheese-Its!"

El took me by my shoulders, interrupting my march to the delightful salty snack. "We could stay at a hotel. I didn't realize-"

"Trust me!" I smiled. "It's fine! Now, I don't know about you, but I want food." The next thing you know we are grabbing everything we remotely thought would taste good.

"Oh! OH! The weird-shaped-thing! No, to the left- yes that!" I exclaimed, already getting used to the curious glances.

"The Mr. Henry Poppin' Chickies?" Her eyebrows knitting together. "I don't think chicken should look like that."

"That's what they said about cow in the shape of a circle, but look, it's the best thing ever." I smiled as she tossed it on top of over flowing cart number two. Her phone vibrated, then she laughed.

"Louis said we have too much food."

"What-" I looked around. "How does he know?"

"We are all over twitter." She showed me a picture of her jumping up trying to get a box off the top shelve, me behind her on my knees getting something off the bottom shelve. "Plus, we are being filmed right now." She pointed over to a girl with her phone out in front of her.

"Wanna freak her out?" I mumbled discretely. El nodded slowly, holding her fingers up she counting down to three. On three, we turned around and hugged her while I took her camera and took a picture of us all. She was so shocked, her eyes wide as she backed away. As soon as she disappeared, we started laughing.

"That shouldn't have been as funny as it was." I smiled.

"Do we have enough?"

"Don't tempt me to get more. I might not have enough money for all of this."

"Jamie?" A high pitched voice squealed behind us. I mentally banged my head against a wall. "Ohmigawd!"

Rolling my eyes at Eleanor I turned to look at Hannah, my high school nemesis. "Hello, Hannah. What's up?"

"Oh, you know I've been going to all of these concerts and awards shows this summer. Justin and I just really enjoy them, but for the rest of the summer we want to lay back and relax, you know?"

"Justin who?" I asked involuntarily.
"Justin Bieber, duh." She laughed her fake laugh. I looked at Eleanor, who looked so confused. "I thought you were the smart one."

"Right, of course." I gave her a tight smile. "Anyway, This is-"

"Desiree!" Hannah exclaimed as she pulled Eleanor into a air hug "Why you haven't changed a bit!"

"Uh, That's not Desiree." I said softly. Hannah pulled away as Eleanor scrambled away as fast a possible. "Desiree just passed away, recently."

"Oh," She instantly put on her fake sympathetic face. "What a shame. She was a nice girl. How'd it happen?"

"Fire." I crossed my arms.

"Doug must be devastated!" I could see the wheels turning in her head. "Why don't you have him call me? Tell him; If I could do anything just let me know."

"He's dead." I snapped. "He was the one who started the fire, unfortunately for him he burned with it. But I'm not complaining one bit."

"Oh," She sighed then quickly recovered, puffing out her lips again. "Well, good seeing you." With that she stuck her nose out and walked away in her too high heels clicking behind her.

"Who was that?" Eleanor exclaimed.

"A bitch from high school."

"I didn't think I looked like Desiree."

"You don't." I shook my head. "Des had blonde hair, very tan, and green eyes. Nothing like you. Hannah's just, Hannah. A bitch."

"That makes sense." She smiled at me.

"Hey," I started. "Thanks for going crazy with me. It took my mind off of things for a while. I needed that. Thank you."

She smiled. "Any time."

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