My Crazy Europe Adventure( with Harry Styles)

After being hurt so many times, college student, Jamie Moyers learned to take control of her life and not let anyone get in her way. She has a plan, college, see the world, write best-selling books, enjoy her freedom, then maybe marriage. As she is traveling around Europe with her best friend, Desiree, she comes across fun-loving Harry Styles. Her behavior and personality sends Harry hurdling down the love tunnel, but Jamie is keeping him at arms lenght even though she too is falling in love with "Pretty Boy". Plus, it doesn't get any easier to hide it when he travels with them. As she starts to let him in, she is torn away from him by her past. She is forced to go into hiding as a crazy murder follows closely waiting for a moment to strike. Harry fights his way to find her as he juggles his fast moving career. Will they make it out in the end? Or will their relationship end ?


24. Girlfriend's Ex-boyfriend Best Friend, Say What?

Niall's POV

I walked out of Harry's room, I thought about what Jamie said. She said Des will say yes. She believes that Desiree can be found. It was nice to have someone who believes that. The police said it was a lost cause and everyone else get nervous and quiet whenever I talk about it. Her parents were counting on me to find her. Misty and John have been staying at my house ever since they found out. It was overbearing to have them there, judging me, watching me. In a way it's like they are blaming me; I could have saved her. That one of the reasons I came here, I had to get a way from them. It's hard enough for me. I was going to find her no matter what. I wanted- no, I needed to. being around Jamie gave me hope again.

Jamie looked, bad. She looked drained, sad, and un-Jamie. Harry needs to wake up, I selfishly thought, and give everyone a piece of mind. The boys and I were worried sick, not to mention his mom. Anne was hysterical when she saw him laying there, I'm surprised that she left today, but we all agreed that she should go home and get some rest.

I walked in the cafeteria and searched for Jamie's brother. I recognized him immediately. I walked over to him and stood there in front of him, my mouth was down to my knees. He looked up from his salad and gave me a questioning look. "Yes?"

"James Moyers?"

He laughed. "Uh, no. That's my father. I'm Grayson. You must be Niall."

"Yeah, how'd you know that?"

"My sisters have posters of One Direction all over their walls." He laughed. He gestured to sit down. I did. "Jamie had the hugest crush on you, and Louis. Kat Was a big Zayn and Harry fan. I cannot tell you how many facts about you guys I had stuffed in my head over the years."

"Jamie did?" I was confused. She didn't seem like she knew who we where when we first met.

"Yeah, but that faded a bit when she started working, in her Junior and Senior year in high school. So, don't flatter yourself to much." He smiled. "So, what's it like dating Desiree Johnson?"

I looked down. "Uh, great." Did he not know? How could he not?

"I've tried to date her, but every time she said no. You lucky son of bitch."  He dug into his meal. "Imagine how happy I was when she started to date my best friend, Doug. She deserved so much better than that jackass. Thankfully she found you, who made her break up with him. He was furious!" Grayson had a huge smile plastered all over his face. "He bought a plane ticket to London, I guess you already know that, though. He was planning on punching your face out-"

"He came to London?" My eyes went wide.

"Yeah, when you guys went public. Why?" I didn't answer. I was already running to the police station. The plastic chair hitting the floor behind me. I know what happened.

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