My Crazy Europe Adventure( with Harry Styles)

After being hurt so many times, college student, Jamie Moyers learned to take control of her life and not let anyone get in her way. She has a plan, college, see the world, write best-selling books, enjoy her freedom, then maybe marriage. As she is traveling around Europe with her best friend, Desiree, she comes across fun-loving Harry Styles. Her behavior and personality sends Harry hurdling down the love tunnel, but Jamie is keeping him at arms lenght even though she too is falling in love with "Pretty Boy". Plus, it doesn't get any easier to hide it when he travels with them. As she starts to let him in, she is torn away from him by her past. She is forced to go into hiding as a crazy murder follows closely waiting for a moment to strike. Harry fights his way to find her as he juggles his fast moving career. Will they make it out in the end? Or will their relationship end ?


12. Caught

Jamie's POV

"One Direction's Harry Styles and Niall Horan may no longer be single." Des started. She had been in a horrible mood since Niall and Harry flew back to England to talk to their manegers "In Paris last night Niall was seen with 19 year old Desiree Johnson from the States. Blah, blah, whatever whatever. The young lady Harry was with in Paris has not yet been named or seen. Blah, blah, blah. Taken. You know that scarf covers your face completely" She passed her computer to me to see.

There we were standing in front of the Effiel Tower. Harry's face was hard, his curls tucked into his beanie. It was a smoldering look. To think that just two second before this was taken he had a playful breezy look to him. The only part of me you could see was my curly red hair blowing with the wind. The next picture was Niall and Des kissing, then them looking straight at the camera, suprise written all over their faces.

"Well, at least you look beautiful here." I said. She ignored me, so trying to make her smile I said: "Can you imagin how many girls hate you already? This is great."

"Yes, thats exactly what I want." Des rolled her eyes, her words dripping with scarasm. I laughed at her. "At least you knew what to do! With your Dad being famous and your mom being a somewhat famous for marrying yyour dad, your a pro at this. You also had to hide yourself at parties back home so your family wouldn't hve to deal with your drunken nights after your Mom died. Plus, you guys weren't kissing, so you could get away with it, if anyone found out it was you, that is."

I cringed. Yeah, I did know what to do, but that doesn't mean i'm proud of it. "Hey, you knew that this day was coming, sooner or later. So don't yell at me." I sighed. We were both quiet after that. I thought about the fight Harry and I had last night. "I don't think that Harry and I are going to work out."

Desiree's head snapped up, her face turned from moody to sad. "Why?"

"Because, I freaked out." I started. It's always because i freaked out, or i got scared. All of my problems are my own fault, and I know that. Why can't I be the type of person who will be fearless? "We got back last night and I turned around and said I can't do this anymore, then he argued saying that we can get through this, i said differently. We stayed up until six just fighting over it, and I basically told him I'll think about it. The thing is, I keep thinking about my mom and my dad, and how she was in this exact position and choose to stay. Look where they are now, Mom's dead and Dad's, I don't even know whats going on with him." Tears started to spill down my face.

Des wrapped her arms around me. "Honey, what happened to your parents, doesn't have to happen to you. Listen to me. You two may not get married, if you do, Harry doesn't seem like the type to cheat, and if he does, I'm going to seriously hurt him. Plus, I think everyone who've heard about your Mom, knows not to have an affair with a crazy hot fan-girl." Though I shouldn't have, I laughed. "Think about it, ok? I think you guys would be great if you gave it a try.

 My phone started buzzing. It was Katy. Not wanting her to worry, I breathed in and out for a moment then answered. "Hey, darlin'! How has your summer been?" I tried to sound enthusiastic. "Wait shouldn't you be in bed?"

"It's summer, J. I stay up as long as I want." Her voice was sweet but dramatic. "Anyways, It has been good. Grayson took me to the volenteer shelter several times, it's feels really good to help people."

"Sweetie, that's great! I'm glad you're getting into that." i exclaimed. "Mom would be so proud!"

"Yeah that's what Daddy said." Katy whispered. "Oh, so. How's Harry?"

"What?!" I gasped. "How do you know about Harry?"

"Oh please," She was trying to sound adult like. "I knew you were in France, you have red curly hair, that green scarf that you begged mom for, and Desiree is Niall's girlfriend now."

She had me. "Ok, yeah. whatever."

"So, is he a good kisser?"

"What? No, I'm not telling you that! Your 12!"

"Oh so, you haven't kissed yet."



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