My Crazy Europe Adventure( with Harry Styles)

After being hurt so many times, college student, Jamie Moyers learned to take control of her life and not let anyone get in her way. She has a plan, college, see the world, write best-selling books, enjoy her freedom, then maybe marriage. As she is traveling around Europe with her best friend, Desiree, she comes across fun-loving Harry Styles. Her behavior and personality sends Harry hurdling down the love tunnel, but Jamie is keeping him at arms lenght even though she too is falling in love with "Pretty Boy". Plus, it doesn't get any easier to hide it when he travels with them. As she starts to let him in, she is torn away from him by her past. She is forced to go into hiding as a crazy murder follows closely waiting for a moment to strike. Harry fights his way to find her as he juggles his fast moving career. Will they make it out in the end? Or will their relationship end ?


35. A Little Early

Hello, wonderful people!!

How would you like it if I published the sequel, My Crazy Heart, a little early? Because, I would love too!!

Tomorrow by 5pm Chicago time the first chapter will be up for you to read!!

Don't forget to comment what you think, don't be shy, please. I like someone who can tell me straight out what I need to improve on or how incredibly AWESOME my story is;) Just kidding (kindda).

Any who!! MY CRAZY HEART is the name!! Read it!! Love It!! Feedback!! Repeat!!

Till next time, Darlings!!


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