Heart Skips A Beat

9th grade is when it all started. I thought that we were just going to be friends, but i guess not. My head says one thing, but my feelings for my best friend say another. Hes no ordinary guy, hes harry styles. I used to be the closest and only girl in his life, but now millions of girls around the world change that. And being in the same high school with him, makes it even worse. I thought that it would be easy, but its not. I want to tell him how i feel, but every time i see him my heart skips a beat.


5. What can i say?


What now? I just found out that my best friend in the world, the one i love with all my heart, and if i had to, would die for, is taken by someone else. Do i tell him how i feel? No. Do i beg for him to break up with her because she is probably using him for his money? No. I support him, as i have to and always will. You know what they say, if you love someone, set them free. Let them be happy because it will make you happy too. But thats what i never understood, how can you be happy if the one you love only loves someone else, only holds them close and would only be with THEM for eternity?

'demetra, you okay? harry asked confused and worried.  'oh, ya great, im fine!' i said alittle to guickly which made sense when the suspicious look appeared on his face. 'me too, im happy. she is great. i think you would like her, she is funny and smart and very beau-" i cut him off. 'thats great harry, im happy for you.' i said with a very dry tone. 'well, it doesnt seem like that dede..' he respnded.

and he was right, i wasnt. How am i suppose to feel? excited, happy, filled with joy? No, and i am not. I feel... hurt, defeated and.. broken. I feel like someone ripped my heart out of my chest. I feel that if i was a piece of glass, i would currently be shattered all over the floor. But i couldn't show it. Even if he was my best friend, and i knew i could tell him anything in the world, i couldnt tell him this. So i lied.

'harry, babe, trust me i am fine! i am so happy for you! its just that...' i said. okay think dede, think! what do i say?! '...its just that, i wanted to spend alot of time with you this year and i am scared that she will take you away from me' i said with my puppy dog eyes that he always fell for. i also added some laughter in my tone so he didnt think that i was going to go through a stage of depression.

He ran over and came to sit beside me and hugged me and said 'dede, i swear that will never happen. Althought she is my girlfriend, it doesnt mean that i am her property or that i will be spending every second of the day with her. When i said that we were going to be speding LOTS of time together, i meant it. And that hasnt changed just because i have a girlfriend!' he said. 'good'. i said and hugged him back. 'because i want that time too. i miss you harry, its been so long and i-' he then cut me off. 'shh babe i know. we are still going to be with eachother alot, no matter what. I  still need to be able to be a completely weird and abnormal person, and gee who is the only perosn that i can do that with?' he said raising one eyebrow. 'gee!, i wonder who?' i said humourosly looking around the room. 'hmmm maybe....' he said waiting. 'ME!!??' i said laughing. 'oh my god! how did you know that!?' he said clearly with sarcasm and laughing. Now w were both laughing and something pooped into my head. A JOKE. what else? 'oh my god harry, guess what?!' i said. 'what babe?' he answered. 'what do you call a white indian?' i asked. 'ummmm i actually have no idea babe' he replied. 'okay well wanna know?' i asked. 'DUH!' he said. 'A WINDIAN' i said histarically dieing of laughter. 'you are a weird child demetra..' he said. 'i know, but you love it, and come on, tell me it isnt funny?' 'ahaha yea it is and yes i do love that you are insanely weird 99% of the time. he said sweetly. 'what am i the other 1 percent?' i asked very curioulsy. 'cute' he said. I blushed LIKE CRAZY and felt all those butterflies.

We were still  both sitting on eachothers laps and he told me something that i really didnt want to hear. 'oh babe, i forgot to tell you, she is coming here to meet you. I thought it would be fun!' he said happily. 'oh ya okay' i said. he smile fadded and i knew why. i think he knew for some odd reason that spending more time with him wasnt the only worry i had about his girlfriend.

Right at that second, the bell rang and the door opened. He turned around, with me still sitting on his lap, and waved his hand at his girlfriend. crap, she is pretty. Her smile also faded when she say that i was sitting on HER boyfriends lap and suddenly i thought that my 1st inpression probably wasnt the best. He gentlu lifted me off of him and brought me over to her. ' dede, this is tiffany, you can just call her tiff for short. and tiff, this is dede, my best friend. she took that angry look off her face and quickly replaced it with a wide smile, but only for the sake of harry. Bceuase i know that she is not exacly 'pleased' with me right now. 'nice to meet you!' i said. 'yea' she said adding a small smile. rude. she didnt even say it back. Well, now i know the exact kind of girl she really is, harry is just oblivious. We sat down and she ordered a coffee. We talked a little and she told me tht her dad recently is starting up a successful company but she is mad at him because he is very strict with the money and he doesnt let her have any. BAM. i know what she wants, she doesnt want harry, she wants his money. She doesnt like him, love him and never will. she  just wants the dollar bills that will buy her some nice clothes. She is a gold digger. 'girls, sorry i have to go to the bathroom . i will be right back!' he said kissing tiff on the cheek. that killed me. she didnt show any effection but just gave me a dirty look. errmmm? he left and she put a small smile on her face and looked at me for a second before saying 'so this should be easy.' as she said this she was looking at me with a evil grina nd i honestly didnt even know what was happening. 'what should be easy?' i said actually being very nice and happy. i waited for her answer. '.. taking harry away from you' excuse me?

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