Heart Skips A Beat

9th grade is when it all started. I thought that we were just going to be friends, but i guess not. My head says one thing, but my feelings for my best friend say another. Hes no ordinary guy, hes harry styles. I used to be the closest and only girl in his life, but now millions of girls around the world change that. And being in the same high school with him, makes it even worse. I thought that it would be easy, but its not. I want to tell him how i feel, but every time i see him my heart skips a beat.


12. Oppinions, and him.



I woke up with a big grin on my face. Today, I was going to Mikayla's house and I was also going to see Cass and Vic. It was time that I told them about what happened at the concert and backstage. I needed their opinion's on everything. Niall, Harry, Tiffany, everything.

An hour passed and it was finally time for me to get ready to head over to Mikayla's. I took a quick, warm shower, straightened my hair and applied some light makeup. Mikayla was always telling me to put on such a minimal amount of makeup because I was beautiful. Of course, I never believed her but she was always trying to tell me that I was, and that she always knew harry thought the same thing.

I was ready and headed out the door. Mikayla's house wasn't far so I had no problem with walking. I finally arrived and knocked on the door. The door quickly opened with Mikayla's small figure behind it.

"dede!" she yelled and pulled me into a tight hug.

"Hi mik! Thanks for having me!" I said pulling back from the hug.

"oh of course, I love having and and the girls over! Story time dede?" she asked twitching her lip up a tiny pit to form a sneaky smile.

"oh yea, story time Mik" I responded nodding my head. I walked in and saw that the girls were already there. I sneaked up behind them,and put my hands on Vic's back and scared her. I never try scaring cass because I never, and I mean never, succeed. But, vic jumped and put her hand on her chest to symbolize that she was shocked.

"Well hi!" vic said still laughing, coming around the couch to hug me. Cass got up as well and gave me a hug, while still recovering from laughing at Vic's reaction to the scare.

We all sat down as I took my sweater and tom's off.

Oh, this tom tan line drives me insane, but the girls have seen it so its nothing new to them. But, as usual, they laugh at it every time, but I don't take it too personally. I just hope that no one else see's it to be honest.



Time passed and now the girls knew the full story. They were actually so shocked from tiffanys behaviour at the concert and backstage. I wasn't. I knew that she was beautiful on the outside, but ugly on the inside and she cared only about herself.

"That girl needs to take a hike" Cass answered my moving her hair behind her ears and rolling her eyes.

"dede, why don't you just tell harry that she is doing this to you?" Mik asked while putting her hand on my back. "It would save you so much trouble and then he would just let her go." she continued.

"I know, but I don't want to hurt him" I responded. "and plus I don't think that he will actually believe me right away. I mean, I know that we are best friends, but I know that he likes this girl too and this will really hurt him, and I just want to avoid it all."

"Yes, that's true' Vic added. "but when the time is right and its time to expose her, you have to have something to help you." she said.

"oh believe me, I do!" I said winking.

"what?! what do you have?" they all screamed in sync.

I walked over to my jacket and pulled out my phone, which had the video of Tifanny's little 'warning' to me about harry, while we were at the concert. I took it out of my jacket and pressed play. I showed the girls and they all listened intently, never losing focus.


When I finished, they were all in utter shocked. Mikayla had her teeth clenched and cass had her hands over her mouth. Vic was just so surprised, that her reaction was just sitting there with her mouth open in awe.

Mikayla went on about how she was so proud of me for recording this and how this will be used to my advantage.

"oh my god. amazing dede, this will prove EVERYTHING to harry" She said clapping.

"wow dede, she is unreal" vic said with a pained expression on her face.

"yea, I know! and that's what I want to prove to harry.. but gently, I really don't want to hurt the one I love" I Said with a reassuring smile on my face.

"well what are you gonna do in the meantime while he is continuingly kissing her in front of you?" cass asked curiously.

"well, probably go on a date with niall" I said looking in the other direction with a check smile on my face and my eyes sqinted.

"EXCUSE ME MISS, WHAT!?" mik asked with a huge smile showing on her face.


After telling the girls all about niall, and our soon upcoming date, they were all so happy. Mikayla was saying how this would be a great distraction and how he actually seems like a nice guy.

"Dede, he seems so sweet, try and make it work, you never know." Vic said.

I responded by saying "Yes, I know. He is so sweet and when he was talking with me, I was blushing like mad girl, so I guess that means I like him. I actually do want to give this a shot, but harry doesn't seem to want me to." I said staring at them, waiting for a reaction.

"what are you talking about?" Cass said confused.

"he didn't want to give me nialls number, and he was trying to convince me that he had a bad reputation with girls, which I know is not true, so I don't know how he actually feels about all this. But after a few words, I told him that I will be the judge of that. He actually did text me saying that niall had my number so I hope he texts me soon!" I said taking a breath.

"yay!!" Mik said while clapping quickly like London tipton, from the sweet life of Zach and Cody. I was actually very happy that niall may like me, because I think I like him too. He is so sweet, and very good looking. I was very excited to think that he was going to text me, and hopefully a date would follow.

"Dede, don't you see?" Mik said.

"see what?" I asked her with a confused look on my face while staring at her waiting for a reply.

"He doesn't want you to go on a date with Niall because he wants you to be single. He wants you to himself babe. Listen, if he didn't care about your dating life and he was 100% focused on Tiffany, then he wouldn't even have hesitated. You may not see it it, but we do. He doesn't want you with niall because he thinks of you as more than what you think, and all these strange reactions towards Tiff, prove al this. He doesn't love her dede, he loves you."

I was in shock. Of course that was something I wanted to hear, and that's what I have always aimed for, but I just don't want any drama right now so I said..

"I certainly hope so, but until he says that to me. I am going to go on this date with niall, enjoy myself and see where it goes. I will always love harry, and if he wants to tell me he feels the same, then he can, but Niall seemed to have beat him to it, and I dam actually looking forward to this date guys." I said hoping that they would support my decision about all this. And they did.

"I agree, dede. Take time and be smart about all this and its so cool that you have Louis support you about tiff, hahah!" Cass said.

"ahaha, yes, I know! Its great!" I said laughing.

Time went by, and we finished the ice cream that I brought. Of course, I had like 5 bowls. Just as we were about to head to bed, my phone buzzed and all the girls looked at me. I smiled at them and opened up my phone.

....... It was niall!! I told the girls and they all came to my side to see what he had said.

It read: 'hi demetra! Harry gave me your number, just to let you know. I was hoping that I could see you again. I was hoping you would come to nando's with me tomorrow after our concert. I'll arrange for a car to pick you up and bring you backstage again if you want, and then we can go! Cant wait to see you babe, sweet dreams. x'

The girls were screaming and jumping on me, and laughing all together. We were all so happy and they were helping me text him back, I or should I say 'we' wrote...

'Yes, I would love to! Thank you niall, I will see you tomorrow. Xx'

We all smiled and hugged each other while talking for a little, and going off to bed. I was so excited for tomorrow. I couldn't stop thinking about niall.. and harry. But mostly, niall. I actually really liked him and couldn't wait to see what happens. I went o sleep with a huge smile on my face, and as niall wished me, I did have sweet dreams.

Very sweet dreams..



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