Heart Skips A Beat

9th grade is when it all started. I thought that we were just going to be friends, but i guess not. My head says one thing, but my feelings for my best friend say another. Hes no ordinary guy, hes harry styles. I used to be the closest and only girl in his life, but now millions of girls around the world change that. And being in the same high school with him, makes it even worse. I thought that it would be easy, but its not. I want to tell him how i feel, but every time i see him my heart skips a beat.


4. News.



I entered the starbucks with a huge smile on my face.


 The bell signaling that the door had opened make a 'ding' noise when i clumsily walked in and a bunch of strangers looked at me(which was very awkward might i add) but harry didnt notice me . I was starring at him, hoping that he would finally notice me, and that cute but powerful smile would appear on his face.


 He was texting someone. I kind of wanted to know who. But of course, it wasnt any of my buisness


. I walked a little closer tot he table and he finally placed his phone down, not looking in the happiest state. He shot his head up after he heard some footsteps approaching his table and finally shot me that beautiful smile. He got up and walked around the table to hug me and said "Your finally here, i was getting kinda lonely" and winked at me. "Harry, your such a flirt!" i stated back. "Oh how i have heard that before dede" I laughed and so did he. "I am so glad your here... just like old times. I love this. I honestly couldnt wait. I have been so impatient all day to finally be able to do this again. It feels like forever." he said with a hint of sadness is his tone. "I know harry, how do you think i feel? I would usually come in here with you and laugh my head off for a whole hour after school, but ever since you have been gone its been so boring. I come in, order a coffee, and drink it. Nothing special." i said. " I know dede, and i feel incredibly bad about that. But i promise, i wont be going anywhere for a while" he said. "Thank god! this has been too long and i need my crazy but awesome best friend." i stated. "I know, because not seeing you for 8 months has been hell. I needed you too" he laughed and hugged me again. Every time we touched, my feelings for him grew to great lenghts and all i wanted was for him to hold me in his arms until i was paralyzed. I dont know what to do because i have never felt like this before. He is my weakness, my strength and all i needed. He was all i wanted.


We finally sat down and he took out the mc. donalds bag that was hiding behind his chair. He was about to hand it to me and a HUGE smile grew onto my face because all i wanted were those scrumtious chicken nuggets but when he pulled them away, my smile dissapeared. I looked like a child who had just been told that Santa claus didnt exist. Mikayla always told me that i had the cutest little baby face so i guess when i say i looked like a child, i am not exadurating. He laughed so hard because of the expression on my face and commented on how 'incredibly cute and baby-like' i was when i did that.


 He finally stopped laughing and we ate together. We talked and talked and talked and he told me about the tour and all the crazy things that had happened. He told me about all the awards and interviews and girls. He explained how the life he was living was like a fairytale that you only imagines living in your dreams. "although i was having the best time of my life, i am so glad to be home with my family.. and you." Butterflies. Thats all i felt


. "i know i said this a million times by now, but i missed you harry." My hand was resting on the table and he placed his on mine and said "I dont mind, i missed you too and like i said i promise i am not going anywhere! and even if i do, you are coming with me. I can not be away from you that long again!" "thank you harry" i said. "for what?" he asked. "For making me feel so special and wanted." i answered. "you are special to me!" i blushed and i am 100% sure that he noticed because a wide smile from ear to ear had just been plastered onto his face. We talked a little more about the guys(1D) and he told me how he couldnt wait for me to go to the concert and meet them because he wanted me to be as close with them as he was. That meant so much to me. "THEY ARE GOING TO LOVE YOU, AHH I CANT WAIT DEDE" he screamed and everyone looked at us. Whoops. "AHHH ME TOO!!" i said so he didnt feel insanely awkward. We both chucked and he said he had to tell me one more thing. "Oh by the way babe. One more thing... i met someone." My heart stoped. Now, he didnt seem incredibly happy and excited over what he was about to tell me, but he did seem kinda happy. I was confused, what is it? he finally continued ".. i have a girlfriend!"

kill me.

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