Heart Skips A Beat

9th grade is when it all started. I thought that we were just going to be friends, but i guess not. My head says one thing, but my feelings for my best friend say another. Hes no ordinary guy, hes harry styles. I used to be the closest and only girl in his life, but now millions of girls around the world change that. And being in the same high school with him, makes it even worse. I thought that it would be easy, but its not. I want to tell him how i feel, but every time i see him my heart skips a beat.


8. Getting Ready.


The week had gone by pretty fast. School was okay, and I actually didn't see Tiffany that much which was such an wonderful thing for me. The day had just ended and it was the night of the concert. I was so excited to meet the boys and see harry perform with his band, but I wasn't looking forward to having to be next to Tiffany the whole time. I was absolutely praying that what me and the girls had worked out would be a success tonight. Harry hadn't gone to school because he was preparing for the concert and it was his first one of the tour, so he told me that he was very excited. I wished him the best of luck this morning and told him that I would be there a little early and he told me a good place to go with Tiffany to be out of the mobs and traffic and see him and the boys quietly. The concert was after dinner and that meant that me and Tiffany would have to work something out. She text me saying..

Message from: Tiffany

"Have dinner on your own. Don't bother trying to make plans with me. Ill pick you up at 5:30 sharp. Don't be late!" Did I mention that she is rude?


 I text her back saying "whatever. Wasn't gonna ask you anyway. I'll be ready. Don't worry about me." She didn't text me back so I was guessing she got the point that I wasn't exacly wanting a reply from her. Time was ticking and she was gonna be here in 1 hour. I went to McDonald's with Mikayla and we both got chicken nuggets. It was a fast but lovely time. She told me to have fun and I gave her a bug hug. She wished me good luck and told me that she wanted me to sleep over her house this weekend. Of course I accepted and I couldn't wait because I would be telling her all that happened tonight. I left the restaurant and went home. I took a shower, blow-dried my hair and straightened it, but then added a few small waves. I put on my new jeans, my "One Direction" shirt and some light makeup. I was ready and I actually thought I looked pretty good. Now all I had to do was wait for the wicket witch to come and pick me up. 10 minutes later she was at my door. Wow. Right on the dot. I ran to the car and opened the door. She then said "Hey loser, you ready"?

"yea what does it look like?" She laughed and started driving. There was hardly any talking going on between us as she blasted the music. But to my surprise, when a 1D song came on, there was an annoyed look on her face as she almost smashed the numbers on the radio to change the station. I laughed and looked away.

"Just because I am dating him, doesn't mean I need to like their songs. Its called taste. You should get it some time."

"Just because you don't like their music, doesn't mean you make it seem like its trash. Show some respect, which clearly you do and always will lack. And oh, I have taste, thank you very much. But by judging on the trashy dress that your wearing, you could use some more of it." She looked upset but didn't say anything. She still changed the channel, and thankfully I song that I actually liked came on. It was "radioactive". She left it there and I was happy. We finally got to the arena and there were about only 50 fans there.


 We went to the gates and gave them our tickets. I say a big guy come by and look at us curiously. He came up to me and said "Hi love, are you demetra?" "hi, yes I am, nice to meet you! you are?" I asked with a smile. "I am Paul! The boys manager. Harry has told me lots about you. He is very excited that you are hear tonight." he said. "Aww thank you, I am lucky to be here. Is he all set?" I asked. "yup, ready to go!" he replied. "great!!" After that, tiffany cleared her throat, signaling that she wanted Paul to compliment her. Paul looked less than pleased but offered her his hand to shake, and she said "I'm tiffany, I'm sure harry talks about me all the time." she looked at me with a rude look on her face. "Umm, ya I guess." Paul didn't seem very convincing. "I'm his girlfriend!" she said with a smile. "oh are you now? oh yes, he has mentioned you! you girls are coming backstage with me, but only for a little and then you will go back again at the end of the show." he said. "awesome!" I said. He gave me a wide smile and the took us around the gates and inside. I was actually so excited, now! I was nervous for harry but mainly, but happy to be here. He took us inside and we waited for the boys. Alright, lets get this show on the road. I heard 5 male voices and my heart skipped a beat.

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