Heart Skips A Beat

9th grade is when it all started. I thought that we were just going to be friends, but i guess not. My head says one thing, but my feelings for my best friend say another. Hes no ordinary guy, hes harry styles. I used to be the closest and only girl in his life, but now millions of girls around the world change that. And being in the same high school with him, makes it even worse. I thought that it would be easy, but its not. I want to tell him how i feel, but every time i see him my heart skips a beat.


6. Fighting back


My eyes were wide and my mouth dropped. I couldnt believe what she just said to me.

"oh demetra, what, you have nothing to say? to worried that i will be his number 1 from now on?"

I was determined to win the fight. I would fight back with all that i had until she didnt know what else to say. She was not taking harry away from me. She is not taking away the only person i love, the person i would die for, and the person that means the world to me. I wont let her. Not now. Not ever. So i faught back.

"No im not worried, because one day you'll crack and this fake personality that you are portraying right now will fall down with you and then he will realise that you serve no purpose in his life and he will run back to me, his true number 1. So no im good." I knew that she was shocked at my comment because it took her a second to say something back. She was one of those worthless girls who only wanted harry because of his money and fame. She didnt love, or even like him. but i did. I deserved him and i wasnt gonna let someone as pathetic as this, break us or even me.

"Oh demetra, i love how naive you are. Harry doesnt care about you, he only said that you are good at giving him and advice and other stuff when he needs it. You mean nothing to him. But i on the other hand.. mean alot to him. He wants someone who can look good beside him, not someone like you. He wants someone who can turn him on and clearly..." she let out a laugh and looked down like she was mocking me. "... clearly you cant and never will be able to do that."

I was actually hurt by what she said to me but i definetly wasnt gonna show it. Harry doesnt know how rude and worthless she is. He was completely oblivious to the fact on what and who she really was, and how she acted, and what she does.

"You have no idea what me and harry have done together. And hun, the difference between me and you is that i actually look good without extra strength spanx on and i have real curves. Not much like you who in my eyes and probably many more, could use some help. Me and harry have had lots of fun together babe, dont you worry." I winked and made sure that she understood what i meant. I wasnt gonna let her walk out of here thinking that she had more power than i did.

She looked hurt and shocked, almost like she didnt see that coming. I hated her, and she already hated me. Just as she was about to say something else, i saw harry coming back to the table from the corner of my eye, and so did she, so she gave it a rest, but she was still furious.

Harry sat down and said "hey girls, sorry about that." I laughed and said "oh no problem." He smiled at me. "so is everything okay?" he asked. Tiffany then suprisingly said "Oh yes everything is great. Me and demetra are going to be great friends! so glad you wanted me to meet her!" she said, clearly lieing. But Harry couldnt see that.. yet. "Great! i knew you two would get along! That actually makes what i have to tell you alot more easier to say!" he said happily. "oh whats that babe?" she said. "Well, i have a suprise for you two." he said with a cute little cheeky grin. "oh? what is it haz?" i said teasing her. And i knew she hated it because she gave me an angry look but it faded as quickly as it came when harry looked at her, and then back and me and said, "well dede, you know how i gave you that awesome ticket for our next concert?"  "yea!" i replied with a small smile. "well, i have another one and tiffany, if she wants can go with you!" he said. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. "Oh my god babe, yes thank you! i would love to!!" she said smiling wide at him. Abd then, right then and there, she kissed him. It pained me to see that so i looked away. Harry didnt seem that 'into' the kiss so then he pulled away. I finally looked back with hurt in my eyes and no smile apparent on my face. Harry looked at me and noticed the worry and hurt in my eyes, and then he looked the same. He was worried. But i wasnt gonna show any more.

"Demetra, is that okay if i come?" tiffany asked me.

UM NO ITS NOT OKAY. But can i say that? No. So of course, i didnt.

"ya, thats fine, i cant wait! Its gonne be fun." i said with a small smile, but good enough. Harry smiled too and so did she. He looked at me and gave me a thumbs up and then we both laughed again.

"i need to go buy a one direction shirt, you know to show my support to my incredibly wierd, crazy, insanely talented, sweet, curly haired freak friend, and his band mates!!" I said. He laughed histarically and then said "If you need one, i have one for you babe." "aww thanks but its okay, ill find one babe." i smiled and so did he. But she wasnt. She was clearly mad that me and harry were calling eachother 'babe', but we do it all the time and its not stoping now. I dont care what she thinks. And the fact that he hasnt stopped either made me really happy because that shows that he doesnt care either and doesnt want to stop. So there's my silver lining of the day. I was still smiling when she said "I need a whole new outfit, shoes, top, pants, jewlery! If only i would afford it.." she said. But then at that moment, she really pissed me off! She was giving him puppy dog eyes, in a way that meant that she was asking him to buy it for her, because she 'couldn't afford it'! Ya okay. And that is my proof that all she wants is money and fame. "dont worry, ill get that with you, and ill pay" harry said and i couldnt believe that he did. He looked at the ground as if he knew what she wanted and then he looked up at me, and i didnt look happy. He understood what i was thinking, i could tell. We shared this special connection that he looked at me or i looked at him, we knew what the other person was thinking and/ or feeling. Thats why i loved harry. He understood me. And i understood him. I then asked tiffany "hey tiff, why dont you just wear a one direction shirt and jeans?" but i asked her with a smile. "well i want to make a good first impression on the fans." she said. Hun, if i hate you this much, i dont even want to imagine how much the fans are gonna hate you. But i honestly couldnt wait for her to sstart recieving that hate. I know its mean, but i would take such pride in that. "oh" i said with a small smile, and then i looked at harry and he was still looking at me. "plus, are there going to be cameras love?" she asked harry looking at him. "umm yea probably" he said. "why?" he asked. "well then i definetly have to look good. I want them to think that you chose right babe." she laughed when she said that but no one else did. He didnt choose well, and even the stupid paps will know that too. I didnt bothersaying anything else, just looked at the time ad realised that it was almost time for me to head back and I even wanted to leave so i said "guys, im sorry but i have to go. My mom has someone coming over and i should probably say hi" I lied. "oh thats a shame" he said removing tiffany from his lap and coming over to hug me. He gave me a hug and when he did i looked at her and smirked. She was insanly mad so she removed my arm from him and harry turned to look and her with a confused look on his face. To hide the jelousy and any unwanted comments and questions she was about to recieve from harry, she gave me a hug and said "nice meeting you dede, i cant wait for the concert!" We spread apart and harry was smiling at us. "yea cant wait!" i said. "Bye guys, see you soon. I smiled, grabbed my bag andd headed for the door. When i walked out, a feeling of relief wanshed through me. I couldnt wait to just go home. i was gonna tell Mik, Vic, and Cass all aboyut this. I knew they would have my back. and thats exacly what they did.

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