Heart Skips A Beat

9th grade is when it all started. I thought that we were just going to be friends, but i guess not. My head says one thing, but my feelings for my best friend say another. Hes no ordinary guy, hes harry styles. I used to be the closest and only girl in his life, but now millions of girls around the world change that. And being in the same high school with him, makes it even worse. I thought that it would be easy, but its not. I want to tell him how i feel, but every time i see him my heart skips a beat.


9. All set and ready.


I saw them all coming down the hallway and quickly fixed my hair. They were all good looking, but none of them captured my heart like harry did. Tiffany went running to harry and jumped in his arms. He was taken by surprise an stumbled back a bit. The other boys looked at them with a 'what the hell' kind of expression on their faces. The boys walked away and came to me. A huge smile had been plastered onto my face as I was so happy to finally meet them. Liam was the first to talk and said "hey love!! you must be Demetra, or dede as harry says! haha" I blushed a bit and laughed with him. He then gave me a tight hug and continued "we have heard so much about you! you are practically harry's childhood!" I laughed harder and said "oh really?! well I am  honoured to meet you guys. Congratulations on all your success. Your all amazing!" "aww thanks love! we were so excited to meet you!!" "Well, it goes both ways Mr. Payne!" I said with a silly face. He laughed and said "eh haz, I like this girl." and then he winked. I laughed even more and it came to the point where we were now both laughing together. I looked back and saw that Tiffany was less than pleased. But then I thought to myself 'who cares'. A few seconds later I received a big hug and warm welcome from Zayn and Louis. We talked and laughed up a storm. They were so nice and personable. Lastly, it was niall. he came up to me with a small smile on his face and staring deeply into my eyes. He had a weird impact on me. He, in a way, too took my breath away, of course, not as much as harry, but pretty close. He came up to me and said "hey beautiful! Its great to meet you!" "thanks.. niall?" I asked with a smile. "That's me!" he said with a slight chuckle. "great to meet you too! iv'e heard so much about you guys!" I said. "haha thanks, are you excited for the concert tonight?" he asked almost screaming with loads of enthusiasm and spreading his arms. "HELL YEA BABE" I said laughing. He then laughed at me and said "cheeky princess here styles" Harry gave niall a glare and then looked at me. I don't know why he had that expression on his face, but something told me he wasn't happy with me or niall. We all talked for a bit and then Tiff joned in by saying that she couldn't wait to see them perform. I swear I saw Louis roll his eyes. After that, he got up and left for their dressing rooms. He turned his head and gave me a signal to follow him, so I excused myself and went with him. When I entered the room, he offered me a drink. I said yes and thanked him. "so dede, do you like tiffany?" he asked me looking down. "umm yea I guess, she's nice." I answered. "really?" he questioned. "yes Louis" I said again. "dede.. trust me. I want you to be as close with me as Harry is. And that includes not lying to me. So tell me do you really like Tiffany?" I paused and thought about what he said. From all that I've heard about Louis, I am told that he is  nice, honest and caring person. I trusted him. So I gave him the truth. "dede, I see it in your eyes. Something is killing you. And I think I may know what it is." he said. I paused and said "Louis, you read me like a book" he laughed and then said "haha, yes, but I feel what your feeling dede. I don't like tiff. I don't think she  is right for harry at all. The truth is, I want you to be with harry. Before her, you were all he ever talked about. Demetra over and over and over again. It was nice to see that he said such an amazing friend. But now that she came along, its like shes all he ever thinkgs about, and not always in a good way. This girl has taken over him. He is always giving stuff to her. she once shed him to tears because of all the stress she put on him!" I had a look o anger on my face when he said that. I hated her even more now. 'Louis, if I tell you what I want to, you promise it stays between me and you?" I asked. He stepped closer and said "yes, and just to be clear, I never break a promise." I took a deep breath and said "Louis, your right, I don't like Tiffany at all. In fact, I hate her. I know that she could never love harry as much as..." I paused and thought about what I was about to say. "As much as what demetra?" he looks curious. "As much as me, Louis. I love him, more than a friend. I always have. He just doesn't see it. He is completely brainwashed by this girl. All she does is take advantage of him and he doesn't even see it. I hate what shes doing, how shes acting, I just hate her. He deserves more and a lot better than her! I was practically shouting when he gave me a hug. "I know demetra, I will do everything I can to make this easy for you. But from the way I am looking at it, it already got easier for you." He winked at me. "what do you mean?" I asked. " I saw the way you and niall were looking at each other. He definitely fancies you demetra, I can see it." he said. "really!?, you think so?" I asked. "yes, and I think you guys would be cute if you gave him a chance." he replied with a smile on his very cheeky face of his. "how about if I convince him to go on a date with you and me and Eleanor will tag along?" he said. "Eleanor? whos that?" I asked with a smile now on my face. "well, that's my girlfriend, and I know she would love you!" "aww Louis, thank you, that sounds great! I would be honoured to meet her. cant wait! but Louis, pleased don't pressure niall into anything he doesn't want to do just yet." I said sympathetically. "I wont. Thank you for caring about him so much demetra. I know that you are a special girl that will make ... niall.. or harry... happy." "well Louis, I wont break any one of their heart choosing one. They are not toys, and right now harry is taken as we can all see and Niall is so sweet. And if its true what you say, then why not give it a shot? Harry will think what he will think and react as he will, it doesn't mean we cant be friends." "Im so glad you are who you are demetra" he sad hugging me. "thank you Louis. OH MY GOD the show is gonna be start, you'd better be going! best of luck!!" "oh yes, thank you demetra! see you soon, enjoy the show! and try best to ignore.." he said but I interrupted  "ahaha, I know! thanks and have fun! see you soon!" I said. "bye!" he said with a smile and ran out of the room to be greeted by paul telling him to hurry.  Then Paul turned his head left and said "demetra, love, come with me I will take you to the first row with Tiffany. He gave me his hand and I took it. He led me to the front row where Tiffany was waiting for me with an annoyed and disgusted look on her face. I simply returned the favour and sat waiting for the first acts. All set and ready, it was all about to begin...

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