Life of a highschooler.

This story is a very shocking life story about a high schooler named Perren. She has lost so much, and has lost faith in her self. but just wait until she has to return back to hell... Oh wait, I mean her second year of high-school.
This is a very sad story, but it also is very eye-catching, enjoy.


2. Trouble.

   I gulp nervously, as the parents walk up to me and then suddenly stop right there in front of me. "How was your summer, miss?" The father asked, "It was.. fine," I reply in a worried sound of tone, "Well, my daughters wasn't, she was a little depressed. I wonder why, do you know?" He asks, then the first bell rings, "I don't, but anyhow, I need to get to class, bye!" I quickly say, then I run to a bathroom as fast as I can, with Katie tagging along. 

 "Oh my god, I was so scared, luckily we made it without trouble," I say relieved, "I know right? Oh my god, did you notice the dads uni brow?" We laugh together, "yes, it was so fucking gross, who wouldn't notice it?" I ask, "okay, let's look at our schedules before we're late," Katie says. I pull mine out of my jacket, it appears I have Mr. Watson for science, in first period. Katie looks at my schedule and notices we have the same class together. We do a weird ass victory dance and then we walk out of the restroom. Right when we're about to head down stairs, we hear our names called on the intercom, to go to the principals office.  

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