Life of a highschooler.

This story is a very shocking life story about a high schooler named Perren. She has lost so much, and has lost faith in her self. but just wait until she has to return back to hell... Oh wait, I mean her second year of high-school.
This is a very sad story, but it also is very eye-catching, enjoy.


1. Return.

  As I am sorrowfully getting ready for my first day, until I look at a picture of my mother and remember how fun it was back then. I miss her, but the story of her passing must be saved for later. I sit on my silky bed, and put on my red socks, then bend down to grab my black Vans. I quickly slip those on, then run down stairs to get breakfast out of the pantry. Every morning I have a fucking Pop-tart, I mean, please think of something new, like toaster Stroodles. I grab my key, and head out the door, then I walk on to my first day of tenth-grade.

   I nervously remember the fact that I'm a popular slut, and I really wish I wasn't like that, but its.. complicated. I treat the nerds like aliens, and I wear v-necks without undershirts. I hate the truth, but I love the results, but karma will be chasing me right around the corner and the results won't be so good anymore. 

   I walk into the door and see my "friend" Katie, I run up to her and give her a tight hug. "Let go! I can't breath!" She yells. I let go and apologized. "I've missed you, how was summer?" I ask, "Great, I guess. Derrick dumped me, but he was a douche any ways," she explains "how was yours?" "Great! My sister was mostly hanging out with her crack head friends, so I didn't worry about that, and oh! Did you see that video I uploaded of Samantha scratching her ass in public?" I ask, "Oh my god, yes! That was so immature of her to do that in public, what a total dumb ass.. I mean, hopefully that dork washed her hands afterwards,"Oh my god! hopefully". I then see Samantha and her angry-looking parents walking right towards me.

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