My Bro,Harry Styles

Hello im Harry Styles sister
Im funky loud weird and crazy at some points
And yes i d have a crush on....


4. Help!Help!

Rose POV

I was still being tickled

"Help!Help!I being raped by my own brother!"

I yelled

"WHAT?!"Zayn yelled from upstairs

He came running downstairs


I said in between laughs

Zayn I guess was stronger than Louis (Louis was holding me so Haz could tickle me!)

Zayn grabbed me. 

Flew me over his shoulder and ran upstairs

Im guessing we went into his room

"Thanks Zayn!"

I said

"I actually thought Haz was rapeing you!"

He said

"Give me a hug!"

I said

We hugged eachother

And when we pulled apart

We stared in each others eyes


Then he started to lean in....VERY SLOWY

so I just smashed my lips to his

I guess he likes me too

He swiped his tounge on my bottom lip asking for a entrance

i of course granted it

few more min passed by and we pulled away....SADLY

"Whoa!"was i could say

" guessing you like me back?"he asked

"of coure i do you idiot!"I said

"Hurtful much?"He asked

"Whatever"i said

"So what does this make us?"i asked

"Boyfriend and girlfriend,....Idiot!"he said

"Oh,okay then ill just leave.."i said pretending to walk out the door

"No!Dont go!"he said about to cry

"Zaynie i was joking come here"I said with my arms wide open

"Yay!"He said

and hugged me

"Well,i gotta hit the bed!"i said

"ok bye Ro"he said

"if you need anything ill be here wide awake!"

he said while i was walking out the door

I got in my Hello Kitty Pajamas

went to bed

well almost did

i remember what Zayn said

i walked over to his room

"Heya Zayn!"i said while i walked in

"Heya Rosey!"he said mocking me

"I have alittle problem.."

"and that problem is?"

"im lonley in my room!"

"Then sleep here!"He said patting the spot right next to him on the bed


i went over and layed on the other side of the bed

he put his arm around my waist

and thats how i fell asleep


chapter written by:AshMalik

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