Secrets of the World

When one girl knows the worlds secrets, will the boys be able to handle what she knows? Will they help her, and love her the same, or will her secrets scare them away? Airwen is a 16 year old girl, not alive but not dead. Lives with her cousin who is friends with the boys, her cousin helps hide her secrets but what will happen when all is revealed, will the world be safe, or will it put her life in danger. Airwen starts out as any normal girl, until she finds out the worlds secrets the day her parents died. And she becomes someone she is not only scared of, but wants to know more of. Will one of the boys fall in love with her because of her secrets, will love be strong enough to save them all? Read to find out. My first movellas so be nice. some sexual content and violence.


2. Update

Hey guys so I had started this with great ideas but i just cant seem to figure out how to add on to this, or how to start this next chapter, if anyone wants to help me out that would be great.


I am also going to start a new movellas so just comment your ideas, and i will be doing imagines for anyone who wants one, so just let me know in the comments or email me at thanks guys for checking this out, its my first movellas and i feel pretty lame about it so just share your thoughts and ideas PLEASE!!!!

P.S. i'm always on so just let me know whenever. DONT GET MAD OR HATE ME FOR THIS <3 lots of love from Star

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