Secrets of the World

When one girl knows the worlds secrets, will the boys be able to handle what she knows? Will they help her, and love her the same, or will her secrets scare them away? Airwen is a 16 year old girl, not alive but not dead. Lives with her cousin who is friends with the boys, her cousin helps hide her secrets but what will happen when all is revealed, will the world be safe, or will it put her life in danger. Airwen starts out as any normal girl, until she finds out the worlds secrets the day her parents died. And she becomes someone she is not only scared of, but wants to know more of. Will one of the boys fall in love with her because of her secrets, will love be strong enough to save them all? Read to find out. My first movellas so be nice. some sexual content and violence.


1. The Beginning

6 Months earlier

Airwen POV

       I was awaken from my slumber when i was shaken violently by my dad. 

                            "Bunny we need to go." 

                          "What, why?"

                               "Your questions will all be answered in time, but right now you need to come."

         My dad quickly grabbed my hands practically dragging me out of bed and out to the car, where my mom was in the drivers seat. I got in a buckled up and my dad did the same, and then we were speeding down the road at 50 mph. I wonder why he's in such a hurry. He looks at me through the mirror and looks apologetic at me, and then he turns around and says the words i never thought i would hear.

        "We can't explain right now, but i promise this is for the best, for your protection, we are dropping you off at your cousins house and then me and your mom have to leave you there."

    What! Why! How! I'm so confused right now, there coming back for me right, wait, protection from what?

        "All in time sweety."

     "oh, did i just say that out loud?"

       My mom nodded at me, then looked at my dad and grabbed his hand and they looked at each other with scared and sad faces.

         "Just understand that we promised to always protect you, and keep you away from who you really are for you own protection, no matter what, we have always loved you."

Present Time

       I'm standing in front of my mom and dads grave with flowers, I look down at what was once green grass that is now burned blood red grass. I can't help but think that they died trying to help protect me from the worlds secrets that put me and the whole world in danger, tons of thousands of human people died trying to help protect me, the worlds protector, the worlds Savior, i should be dying for them, not them dying for me. Now i need to go back and fight the biggest battle the world has ever seen by myself, I hope the boys understand, and i hope Josh and them can forgive me  for what i am about to do. With one limp leg, and my solid black sclera  eyes, long black hair, and my wings ready, i'm going to be forever remembered as the daughter of the gods and the daughter of the world, the one that died and sacrificed herself for the ones she loves most, and the world she calls home.

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