You Saved Me

Hey! This is my first ever Movella, so PLEASE no hate. This is about a girl named Daniella. She got pregnant at 16, had twins, and still regrets that night. Though, she loves her two beautiful daughters, Devin and Savanna. On the night she revealed her pregnancy to the baby daddy, Matthew, he left her. She did everything all by herself and spent 2 years taking care of Devin and Savanna until he saved her. He as in Harry Styles. Harry lived down the street of Daniella and came to help out as soon as possible. Instantly they fell in love.




I shot up in bed. Sweat was pouring off of me as the phone rang, disturbing my nap. Lately, I've been feeling extremely sick so I went to the hospital a few days ago. The nurse told me that I would receive the news over the weekend, when it came back from the lab. Well, today was Sunday. I had to know what I was sick with so my boyfriend, Matthew  could dome and comfort me. I raced put of bed and snatched the phone. "Hello?" I moaned. My bones ached. I only had enough power to run out of the 5 foot hallway.

"Hi! This is Jillian from the front desk at Holmes Chapel Community Hospital. Is this Daniella Johnson?" The lady's peppy voice popped a smile on my face even though I was feeling like crap. 

"Yes. Um did you figure out what I'm sick with?" I tried holding back the barf about to come up my throat.

"Well Sweetie, you're pregnant." She replied.

I dropped the phone and ran into my room. I kept hearing Jillian's voice echoing through the house saying "Hello?" over the phone. Tears poured out of my eyes like waterfalls. How could this be happening to me. I knew I should have stayed home from that party Matthew was having. I could sense this would happen right when we stepped out of the door of my house. How could I be so stupid and still go? My thoughts were interrupted when a knock sounded at the door. I hoped and prayed that it wasn't Matthew. I needed to think of a way to explain to him that he was going to be a father without scaring him. I popped open the door and there stood...

MY DAD! How could I forget about my parents. Soon, I would get huge and even before that things would be changing as in my emotions. "HI Dad. What are you doing here?' I asked

"well, One I live here and two I wanted to pick up my tools since I am gonna be repairing things at Emma's house down the block." I just realized how stupid I sounded by asking my own father what he was doing at the house he pays his mortgage one."Alright well I'm gonna get going sweetie. Love ya!" MY dad kissed my forehead, grabbed his red toolbox and walked out of the door.  I needed to think of a way to tell Matthew and quick. Just then an idea popped in my head.

I jerked for the phone and dialed Matt's number. He answered and after chatting for a while I asked, " Do you ever wanna have kids." I noticed that it came out of nowhere. He answered, " well Yea! Obviously. But not now. When we are married and in our late 20s. My face fell. As I tried to put it back together,He said he was coming over. I quickly grabbed a piece of paper and a pen. I sloppily wrote, "I'm pregnant Matt" and left it on the table. After I watched 2 20 minute shows of Spongbob, he walked in and noticed the bright neon paper on the table in front of me. "What's that?" He asked as he read the three words. I turned around to see a super angry faced Matt running towards the door. He was leaving me. Now everything was going downhill. I was pregnant. My boyfriend walked away from me and is never coming back. And, when my sister had a baby when she got pregnant at 17, my dad kicked her out of the house and we lost connection. What was I going to do now?

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