Supernatural Fan Fiction

Sam and Dean are on a case about... mermaids? At first Dean is skeptical but Sam makes him investigate the anyway. Wait until you read what happens on their boat...


2. The Kohlders

  "Rise and shine Sammy!" Said Dean shaking Sam awake "C'mon I'm starving and there's a diner across the street."  He wanted to get going because he got a call from Bobby.  He told Dean that there'd been killings every full moon for a year, before now.  The only reason Sam and Dean decided to look into this is because there were more killings, like four people being pulled underwater in less than two weeks.

  "Dean how long have you been up?"  Said Sam sleepily, though he was glad Dean seemed like he was set on the case.

  "Since about seven, I decided to just wake you up." Replied Dean.  Sam got up, got dressed and put his laptop in a bag to do some research over breakfast.


  "So what can I get you today?" Said the young waitress with short blonde hair and brown eyes, she sounded out of it.

  "Uh, I'll have the bacon pancakes please." Said Dean obviously noting the expression in her voice.

  "And, I'll just have a coffee." Said Sam thinking that it was a bad time to ask the girl if she knew anything about the deaths, but he should.  

  It only took a few minutes for the food to be cooked.  The girl brought it over and then left, Dean thought he saw her wipe her eyes as she walked away. 

  "Poor girl," Sam said to Dean noticing that Dean saw she was upset. "She probably knew one of the victims."

  "Yeah," Said Dean agreeing "They always go after good people." It was true, they did all monsters, demons, ghosts, ghouls and anything else they'd ever hunted went after good people.  Good families, and it was never expected.  


  "This is it." Said Sam pointing to the building in which the family of the first teenage boy who was killed lived. "Apartment B14." Both of them got out of the car and walked into the building, then straight to the apartment.

  "Hello, Mrs. Kohlder?" Said Dean to the woman with black curly hair and yesterday's makeup, who'd answered the door.  She replied with a nod. "Yes, my name is Dean, but you can call me Agent Jameson," Said Dean flashing his fake FBI badge. "This is my partner, Agent Quinn. We're with the FBI investigating the case about your son Ian."

  "Yes, please come in." Said Mrs. Kohlder opening the door a little more revealing her husband.  A tall man with dark hair. He was dressed in a suit, and was impatiently fiddling with the sleeves. 

  "We've already talked with the cops, and I'm sorry but I was just about to leave for work." Said Mr. Kohlder sounding suspiciously like he didn't want to talk. "I'm a lawyer and I work for the only reputable law office in town, you can imagine the urgency."

  "Well I'm sorry, Mr. Kohlder, but we're with the FBI and this is important, we only need a few minutes." Said Dean in a voice that said he wasn't asking.

  "Well I have three clients I need to speak to today and a million files that I need done by four thirty tomorrow so make it quick." Said Mr. Kohlder and, like Dean, he wasn't asking.  Mrs. Kohder lead Sam and Dean to the living room and they all sat down, Mr Kohlder checking his watch and glaring at Dean.

  "So, Mr. and Mrs. Kohlder-" Started Sam

  "Please, call me Olivia and this is Anthony." Interrupted Mrs. Kohlder.

  "Okay, Olivia . . . Anthony. We just want to know if Ian was acting strange at all, did he say anything, or act different at all to you?" Said Sam ignoring how impatient Mr. Kohlder was getting.

  "No, not really.  He was happy, I mean he'd had this crush on a girl, Ashley, for a while. When he finally asked her out she said yes, and they were supposed to meet at the lake for their first date." Said Olivia getting a little emotional "When Ashley got there she noticed Ian out in the lake, she said he looked like he was being pulled under by something so she called 911. They were too late." Her voice cracked and she stifled a sob.

  "I'm sorry." Said Sam sympathetically, still ignoring how impatient Anthony already was. "Anthony how about you? Notice anything strange before Ian's death?"

  "Call me Mr. Kohlder, and no. I didn't notice anything. He was a great kid, this had to have been an accident." Said Mr. Kohlder obviously furious for being delayed to work. "Are we done here?"

  "Yes, I think we are," Said Dean more than happy to leave "I'm very sorry, c'mon Sammy." With that they both stood up and walked out the door, and got back in the Impala. "Well that was pleasant." Said Dean to Sam when they were in the car. "I don't think I've ever seen anyone pissed about answering questions, most of them are just sad. So where do we go now?"

  "Well the last person who disappeared was Nicole Bessing, I say we talk to her family." Replied Sam.

  "Okay let's go." Said Dean thinking more about why it was always innocent people, not murderers or crazy people or criminals.



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