Supernatural Fan Fiction

Sam and Dean are on a case about... mermaids? At first Dean is skeptical but Sam makes him investigate the anyway. Wait until you read what happens on their boat...


1. Mermaids

  "Really Sam?" Dean asked, "Mermaids. You're serious?" 

  "Yes, Dean I'm serious. Look I know it sounds crazy, but there are lots of stories about mermaids killing people. You know luring them in with their songs?" Said Sam trying very hard to convince Dean to check it out.

  "Yeah, except those mermaids live in oceans not lakes, and oh yeah, they're myths." Dean retorted sounding impatient and annoyed.

  "Look we're checking this out, got it? I called Bobby even he said he'd heard something about mermaids once."

  "Fine, but just so you know Bobby's like, what, sixty? Can't even remember what it was he heard about mermaids." Replied Dean ending the conversation.  Sam gave him a look like he won, he got Dean to go.  Dean just glared back at him with eyes that told Sam, Dean was still not convinced.  Sam was used to that.  Dean grabbed his bag and started towards the door "We better get going Sam, if we're going on a magical mermaid hunt." he said with sarcasm.  Sam grabbed his bag and walked out the door behind Dean.

~Two Hours Later~

  "Okay Sam we've been driving for like ever. How much further?" Said Dean "I'm hungry and this radio station sucks."

  "You're always hungry Dean." Replied Sam "And it's not much further we'll be there soon. I will agree with you on one thing though."

  "Oh yeah?" Said Dean waiting to hear the reply "What's that?"

  "This radio station sucks." They both cracked a smile and Dean searched for a different station, with no luck.  Just then Sam's phone rang. 

  "Hey, Bobby." said Sam when he answered the phone.

  "Sam. I found somethin' on mermaids for yah. Turns out they are real and the one your after is special. You see she's more powerful than the others, she can walk on land as a human . . . I also found somethin' else."


  "Mermaids do kill Sam. They lure people in with their songs and then kill 'em, they're kinda like werewolves. On the full moon their blood lust is almost out of control... This one's different 'cause she don't kill. All those killings are from a different mermaid, or whatever it is, but the one you're huntin' aint gonna kill it 'cause that would go against her father. He's "king of the sea and all it's creatures", that's why she's so powerful, and why she's in the lake."

  "So how do we stop her? How do we kill a mermaid?"

  "You idjit did you not just hear a word I said? Yah don't kill her you find who's killing those innocent people, and you can kill a normal mermaid same you would any human."

  "Okay thanks Bobby."

  "See yah Sam." after that Sam hung up the phone.  He seemed shocked that mermaids were different than he'd thought they'd be.  He thought it was strange that there was an all powerful mermaid who was good?  Who didn't kill, or hurt, or scare, or steal or do anything to anyone.  It didn't seem possible that there was something literally born that way, born to kill not made that way like a vampire, and didn't.

  "So, what'd Bobby have to say?" Said Dean curious to see who's side Bobby took in the 'Are mermaids real?' debate.

  "He said mermaids are real." Said Sam in an I-told-you-so way. "He said that where we're going there are two, well if the other one is a mermaid, one is the so called king of the sea's daughter and she stays in the lake, and then there is the one that kills. He said we could kill it like any human."

  "Oh great, so now we have two and one's probably protecting the other." Stated Dean. 

  About ten minutes later they arrived at the motel they were staying at, the one overlooking the lake.  Sam used one of his credit cards to pay, and they went to the room to put their stuff away and sleep.

  "See yah in the morning Sammy." Dean said groggily, he immediately crashed into the bed and promptly fell asleep. Sam smirked a little to himself before getting into his own bed, though sleep was unlikely, he stared at the ceiling for the rest of the night anyway.





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