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Sam and Dean are on a case about... mermaids? At first Dean is skeptical but Sam makes him investigate the anyway. Wait until you read what happens on their boat...


3. Almost kind of getting warmer

*Note* Not sure if anyone reads or cares about this story anymore because it has literally been MONTHS since I updated it. I can write from my phone on Wattpad that's why. If you still want me to continue the book, please just comment and I will try to update regularly! ~Addison

  "You know what I want to know?" Said Dean. "Is why we couldn't get food first. We woke up, got food, talked to some people. This is the point where we grab a slice of pie, and you do all that geeky stuff on your laptop."

  "Come on Dean, okay one more person then we'll get food." Replied Sam.

  "Fine. But they better have those little bowls with jellybeans or something."

  "Oh come on Dean they just lost their daughter and you're going to eat their candy?"

  "Unless they're the weird ones who never have candy in the house." Sam looked at Dean with his eyebrows raised. Dean shrugged and continued singing along to the radio.


  After about twenty minutes of Dean singing along to the radio, they got there. They both got out of the car, the doors making a loud thump as they closed at the same time.

  "This is the place." Said Sam walking up to the door.

  "Hey!" Dean said to Sam with a look on his face that said 'what-are-you-doing'


  "I always go first, I always knock and I always flash the badge and say "This is my partner," Said Dean acting like a five year old who didn't get a cookie.

  "Okay I just-" Sam started when he was interrupted by a young girl, probably fourteen.

  "Can I help you two?" She said almost sounding annoyed.

  "Hi this is my partner detective, uh, Moose. I'm detective James. Can we speak with your parents?" Dean said, then looked at Sam and smirked. Sam just frowned.

  "Uh sure, hold on." The girl said and closed the door.

  "Moose. I'm detective Moose, really?"

  "Hey, you wanted to go first, it just gave me less time to think of a name."

  "What about James like it was earlier?" Just then the door opened. This time it was a middle aged woman with shorter blonde hair and green eyes. She looked a little sad, but she was keeping it together.

  "Hi," The woman said, cracking a smile. "We already talked to the police, but you're welcome to come in." She opened the door to reveal her home. There were paintings on the walls, but they didn't look store bought.

  "Yes, we know but we're just here  to ask you a few more questions. Is that okay Mrs. Bessing?" Said Dean.

  "Actually it's miss, but that's okay. And yeah I have some time right now." Said the woman leading them into the living room where her daughter was sitting, playing on her phone. And their dog, a shar pei, was curled up on the rocking chair contently watching television.

  "So, Ms. Bessing" Said Sam. "I'm sorry to hear about your daughter. Would you mind telling us what you think she was doing that day?"

  "Well, Nicole was just out swimming with some of her friends. Her friend Laura's  parents own a lake house there, so they were staying for a week. Laura told me they were swimming, and Nicole swam out into the lake and all of the sudden she started splashing around like she was drowning. At first she thought it was a joke but by the time she could move any closer, she was under." Ms. Bessing paused for a moment and then continued. "She said she waited a few seconds for her to come up, then she went under but Nicole wasn't there. After about a minute she panicked and called 911."

  "I'm sorry." Said Dean. Ms. Bessing nodded and smiled a bit before going back to crying. "Was there anyone who hated Nicole, like enough to kill her." She thought for a minute and looked down.

  "No," She said shaking her head. "Nobody hated Nicole, obviously not everybody liked her, but nobody would kill her."

  "Okay then." Said Sam. "I think we're done here, thank you Ms. Bessing."




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