hi im Amber. Yes im deaf . my parents hate me because of it . they tried to get rid of me but that didnt work so they started slapping me if i didnt come when i called but how was i suppose to come when they called i couldnt hear them. i get bullied at school because of it but i cant hear the nasty comments. one night i have had enough of my parents so i run away and i feel like im being followed but i cant hear the person coming.


1. running away

Ambers pov

 i cant hear anything. my parents beat me because of it. I cut because of it. And im sick of it im running away. I have 5,000 dollars 15 shorts 8 tee shirts 10 long jeans 7 tank tops 5 bathing suits boots sneakers flats dresses and my puppy Junior, food,water,and puppy food. Junior isnt really a puppy i just call him a puppy he is 2 so hes my puppy. i only have one friend named Annie and she cant come with me but i have my iphone we are going to keep in contact. im running as fast as i can until i find  a playground i sit on a bench and check the time 11:43 pm. i lay down and i feel like im being watched so i get up and start walking again i go into a public bathroom and check the time i guess i fell asleep at some point cause its 8 am now so i got dressed (the out fit below)

this is me

this is Annie

did i forget to tell you that i have a little sister that im picking up from her friends house to take her with me. oops well this is her. her name is Jamie

yeah i know what your thinking but she is my little sister she is im 17 and shes 15 so she is my little sister. last but not least a picture of Junior

well i walked out of the bathroom there was some boy playing with Junior "GET AWAY FROM MY DOG!" i yelled with a little fear in my voice he walked over to me and said something i couldnt hear i told him to say it slower he looked at me weirdly and told him i couldnt hear him then he said it slower than somebody touched me shoulder and i turned around and it was Jamie. she started doing sign language Louis looked at her and she told him i was deaf great another person to make fun of me hurry (note the sarcasm)

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