love at first sight

What would you do if you got given a second chance? Would you take it? Yes!
What if you messed up on that second chance? What would you do?
What if you hurt someone so badly that everyone would hate you for it?
All these questions wouldn't have popped into Mary's mind until it actually happened.


3. who is he?

Mary's P.O.V

As we walked into the store I heard jade gasp and say "oh no he is here". I didn't know who she was talking about and I was about to ask her what she was talking about but I didn't have to because Charlotte asked her who she was talking about. " ummm... Well that guy over there" jade started and she pointed to a guy with brown hair and blue eyes' "he is my ex-boyfriend. Not like a fling kinda guy but like we dated for 1 and a half years and well I cheated on him so.. Yeah" wow that is actually not so hard to believe that jade cheated on someone but it is hard to believe that she had a serious relationship. I have to admit though  this guy is kind of... Hot okay like smoking hot and how blue eyes are like the ocean and his hair... Wow. "Oh no he is coming here'' jade said "hello ladies" we hear a deep voice say " jade is that you? Long time no see! How are you?" Jade was very confused " you aren't mad at me?" Jade asks him. "No. I mean I know you would think I am considering what happened but I guess we just weren't meant to be together. Maybe if it is not to late can we still be friends?" He asks her. I was way confused now. " ugh... Sure. Shawn this is Mary, Aj, and charlotte . my best friends. Girls this is Shawn." She said "it is great to meet you all. Well I have to go now but it was great seeing you again jade and it was great meeting you girls" he said and he gave us his number and left. "So.. Jade your friends with your ex-boyfriend? That's against our rules and you are officially out of our gang. Goodbye." Aj  said wow she is a bigger snob than I thought. Deena looked like she wanted to say something bit she closed her mouth. I wanted to yell at aj  for being such a spoiled brat but I didn't I just stood there and felt sorry for jade. Charlotte stood next to aj looking worried and jade looked upset but then changed to furious and yelled " well aj  I am so fuckin' happy that I am not in a group with you because I didn't even want to be in a group with you because you are a snob and you think the world revolves around you. Well newsflash honey, you are just a regular person no matter how rich your daddy is you will never get everything you want. I will make sure that you will be the least popular person in school when I am done with you. Goodluck , you'll need it!" 

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