love at first sight

What would you do if you got given a second chance? Would you take it? Yes!
What if you messed up on that second chance? What would you do?
What if you hurt someone so badly that everyone would hate you for it?
All these questions wouldn't have popped into Mary's mind until it actually happened.


2. sleepover

Mary's P.O.V.

I was at Aj's house with the rest of the girls (jade, Charlotte,Deena). "Hey Mary why weren't you at Starbucks today? What happened?" Aj asks. "Well... I was walking to Starbucks when I bumped into this guy and we really hit it off and I have his phone number" I lied I didn't bump into a guy I just didn't want to hang out with them today because sometimes they are really annoying. "Wow.. Classic you always blow us off for a guy. Let's go to a club tonight . a girls night!" Jade said " I don't know girls maybe we shouldn't go clubbing maybe we should just go to the spa tomorrow and then we could go to a party my cousin is having" "ughhhh.. Fine" Charlotte said . we all agreed on that idea.

**next day**

"Wake up!!" I hear someone yell "no" I say without opening my eyes. I regretted that because seconds later someone is jumping on my bed. "I am up!!" I yell and I open my eyes to see that Deena was the one jumping on my - I should have known. "Get dressed we have an appointment to get our nails done" Aj says "go!" "Okay" I say and I grabbed my clothes and went to the bathroom to change. Let me describe my friends to you: Aj- the leader she thinks everyone has to do what she says. Jade- she is not so commanding but I would say if Aj  wasn't here she would be the leader. She is a huge party girl. Charlotte- she is a brat but not commanding. When someone tells her to do something she says no but she doesn't think people have to do what she says. Deena- she is a hyper, fun girl. She is so funny but the only reason she got in this group is because with her in the group everyone will like us because she is nice to everyone. Me- I was a shy girl who was a nerd then in a couple of days I was in the most popular group in school and everyone liked me even though I am not the real me. Anyways.. I got dressed and walked out of the bathroom. "Let's go!'' I half-yell . " sheesh we are coming" jade said.we went to Starbucks to get breakfast and when we walked into the store I heard jade gasp and say "oh no. They are here"#

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