love at first sight

What would you do if you got given a second chance? Would you take it? Yes!
What if you messed up on that second chance? What would you do?
What if you hurt someone so badly that everyone would hate you for it?
All these questions wouldn't have popped into Mary's mind until it actually happened.


4. scared

Aj's P.O.V

I actually was a little scared of jade I mean I taught her everything about how to ruin a persons life so now she knows how to ruin mine. But then again I also knew what she was going to do. Anyways I have school to go.

**at school**

Aj's P.O.V.

I went to school and everyone was ignoring me. I got to my locker as two girls came over to me and said "you slut". What is going on!? Oh.... I get it jade is trying to ruin my life at school but seriously what did she say? Then I realized that Deena and Mary weren't talking to me either. Then I saw jade and I ran up to her. "What did you say about me?" Jade acted like she was confused and then she had an evil grin on her face. "Well all I said" jade started "is that you slept with Connor, Nathan, Troy, and Derek. And since they all have girlfriends the girlfriends are really angry." I was about to yell at her when the principal came over to me and said " Aj, may I see you in my office?"

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